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I know everyone is going to make this game about the coaches. About their styles, about revenge. About Kreider giving Torts some payback. About shot blocks, or defensive matchups or any of that stuff.

The truth is, none of that is really important about this game. What is important, is that the Rangers FINISHED on their scoring chances.

That’s literally it.

They’ve played much better games tonight that they’ve lost. But, the singular “problem” with this team, for about 10 years now, has been their inability to finish scoring chances.

Tonight, they did.

Go figure, you finish your scoring chances, and you get some good stops in your own zone, and you win.

It’s not rocket science folks.

It should be noted how many deflection goals we got tonight, including MDZ’s screenshot that could easily have been a deflected goal. That’s the problem with Torts’ system, lotsa traffic in front, lotsa chances for deflections, accidental or intentional. 3 of the rangers 5 goals were directly off of deflections where the point men were able to get shots through. That’s something we Rangers fans should remember seeing a LOT of.

I do agree with Rick Nash. Kreider has enough talent to be able to play like this every game. Kid is a monster.

That’s all guys, I’m still insanely sick, and have been for going on a week now, probably should go see a doctor, but I’m stubborn…

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