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The Rangers are awfully lucky they played the Cats tonight. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

We were pretty much awful for most of this game and got some very flukey goals to win a game we really didn’t deserve to win.

Our forwards were just soooo bad in the neutral and defensive zones, not winning many if any battles, getting outhustled, and just flat out sucking for huge portions of the game.

Someone, anyone, tell me what Benoit Pouliot has done to deserve a spot in the lineup night in and night out? If anyone deserves a kick in the ass and a benching, it’s him. Put Mashinter in over him, I don’t care, just give me someone else for a bit. I’m sick and tired of seeing his gigantic ass play like a fumbling bumbling moron. He’s a turnover machine that doesn’t really do ANYTHING well.

All his peripheral numbers looked good, but boy oh boy, this guy is just so maddeningly inconsistent, I’m just ready for a change. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but it sure as hell needs to happen.

On that same note, I am once again in vehement disagreement with AV on the benching of MDZ. Sure, DZ hasn’t been at his best this season, but he’s WORLDS better than Falk who was pretty friggin awful tonight in his own right. Pretty much every long sustained offensive thrust by the Panthers were thanks to a terrible play by Falk. So many I can’t even begin to go through them all. He sucks, I don’t want to see him, go get me MDZ.

Blech. I hate to be so pissed off after a 5-2 win, but tonight was pretty much how this team has won in years gone by. Undeservedly so thanks to great goaltending.


Have a happy thanksgiving all, don’t partake in that shitty black friday crap, stay with your family, that’s what this day is really about.

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