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I agree with AV tonight. We did a lot of good things out there. Limited the number of quality chances, particularly 5 on 5, and generated a TON of HIGH QUALITY chances.

This wasn’t a game where we got 30 shots on goal, but all of them were from far out and were unscreened. We got tons of point blank chances, from the guys who you want shooting the pucks in those situations. We…just…can’t…score.

It’s really incredible if you think about it. Even a team like us, there clearly isn’t the most talented, should be able to score goals given enough high quality chances, and yet the Rangers continue to put out an unstustainably bad level of offense night after night.

I mean, how can you explain it? As of this minute the Rangers currently have 0 goals from Pyatt, Miller, Fasth (who was just sent down), Kreider, Stepan, MDZ, Girardi, Stralman, Boyle, Nash, and Dominic Moore.

In fact, through 10 games we only have 2 players with more than 1 goal!!! AND ONE OF THEM IS INJURED!!!!!!

To put it in perspective, the Buffalo Sabres, which are the next worst team, have at least 5 players with more than 1 goal. It ain’t much…but its sure as fuck more than 2!

So, I’m at a loss, how can you explain such a low shooting percentage? Sure, talent is one thing, but this is basically the same team we had last year except we added Dominic Moore, and Pouliot…2 guys with historically decent shooting percentages (particularly Pouliot). It’s beyond all rational explanation that a team could be so terrible offensively…even when they play a good offensive game.

So, despite my negativity of the past few weeks, I’m going to flip flop for tonight. Sure, we lost, but I saw a ton of positives (other than the Reffing). Don’t be down after tonight, we deserved to win, and frankly, if the refs weren’t so blatantly bad, we probably do. But, shit happens, move along and keep playing.

Carl Hagelins back, that should give us a nice boost of energy one would think.

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