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I don’t know if I can break this down any simpler but here goes.

Rangers play hard.

Rangers stand a chance.

Rangers mail it in.

Rangers aren’t talented enough to even keep it close.

It’s pretty simple really. How many games this year have the Rangers been blown out in? In each of those, can you honestly say that this team worked hard? And on the flip side, in our 3 wins wouldn’t you say that the Rangers were clearly the hardest working team on the ice?

So what’s the difference between AV and Torts right now? To me, the difference is really simple. The guys played hard (not always great, but hard) for Torts 95% of the time. So far they’ve played hard probably 40% of the time.

Not really that hard to figure out is it?

Tonight, they Rangers chased down pucks, they worked their asses off to keep pucks alive, hell, nothing exemplifies it more than Pouliots diving pass to Brassard to win the game. He was beat to the puck, but made a last ditch 110% effort play to get the puck up, and he won the game. Pouliot pretty much tipifies the Rangers problems this year. When he’s a coasting whore like he’s been most of this season, he’s pretty much useless. When he imposes his will on the opposition, he’s a pretty dominant player. He did it against Philly till he was booted out, and he did it again tonight. Here’s hoping he keeps it up….hell, here’ hoping the guys realize they actually have to TRY to win games.

But I’m not holding my breath.

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