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It wasn’t a clean win. It wasn’t at all as well played as the Kings game, but it was a pretty damn good effort by the Rangers tonight. Frankly, it was a damn good effort by the Rangers against the Blues, but a shitshow in net by the should-have-never-been-re-signed Martin Biron led to a loss. Luckily, tonight, Henrik Lundqvist played a pretty strong game, and it was enough to give the Rangers 2 points they desperately needed.

A few things of note. Thus far Brad Richards has been BY FAR AND AWAY our best forward. It’s not even close. The guy is putting up points and the puck seems to find him. Granted, it’s a small sample size, but a good sign of things to come if we can ever get healthy.

Second. Brassard hasn’t looked nearly as good as he did in the preseason and last year…till tonight that is. A big reason? Getting away from the anchors of Pouliot and MZA who have been…AWFUL. Pouliot…I’ve never seen such a waste of talent before, guy can play, but just doesn’t seem to do it with any consistency at all. MZA? Let’s face it, he’s a shrimp…a talented shrimp for sure, but he doesn’t win board battles much, and he’s easy to knock off the puck. If it were me, Miller would take Puliots spot, and Pouliot would drop to the 4th line, where he belongs.

Third, When John Moore is on, he really is a damn good defenseman. Even when he’s not, hes a pretty damned good defenseman. This kid is a keeper.

Fourth, I thought our PK was really lucky tonight, but, they did a pretty decent job of taking away the seam pass. Not always, but for the most part those passes were tough to get through there. However they gave way too much time and space to AO and Green at the points. They did the old drop back and block their shot standby of Torts, but I still think they need to be a bit more aggressive, come out a bit more, challenge them, plus, the closer you are the tougher it is to get those shots through.

Rangers needed this win, they aren’t as bad as their record shows. Getting healthy, and playing hard will help a lot in that aspect.

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