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Archive for October, 2013

Let Down – Sabres @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on October 31st, 2013

This was a bit of a weird game. The Rangers flat out dominated for the first 40 minutes. I mean, it wasn’t even close. They controlled the puck and basically did whatever the frak they wanted to do at all times. The Sabres would touch the puck for 5 seconds tops, and it would be back on the Rangers sticks for a 1-2 minutes manhandling.

And then…the Rangers just sorta stopped. They stopped possessing the puck, they stopped pinning the opposition in their zone for the entire game, they stopped dumping, chasing, retrieving, they stopped doing what led to a very dominant 2-0 lead if not for magnificent play by Ryan Miller. Luckily, Henrik Lundqvist didn’t stop. He was flat out dominant in the 3rd, making some really fantastic saves keeping the 2-0 win in tact. I do feel a little bummed by that 3rd. What should have been a laugher was a little too close for comfort. Is that missing Ryan Callahan? Is that missing Rick Nash?

I’m not sure, but I’d like to see a bit more killer instinct from this team. They’ve clearly shown over the past few games that they can overcome 3rd period deficits. But tonight they had a chance to turn a close 2-0 win into a blowout and just flat out stopped playing the style that kept them in complete control for the first 40 minutes.

Was it a Halloween let down? Did they anticipate much sugar at home from their kids since we all know parents end up eating most of the candy anyway.

I’m not sure, but I wasn’t thrilled with it.

Meh, whatever, it’s a win, so I don’t want to be too down on the club. Especially after that clinic they put on for the first 40 minutes.

Clearly they are starting to play much harder, are starting to understand this system a little better, and are starting to show a little more heart. Oh, and Chris Kreider basically being the best player on the ice for each of the last 4 games doesn’t hurt either.

Go eat some candy, let’s meet back here in November.

I don’t really have much to add about tonights game…it was pretty much exactly the same type of game, and effort, by the boys yesterday, except we won tonight. That’s 3 well played games in a row for the good guys, and a much deserved 2 points.

What a difference Carl Hagelin makes in the lineup. Offensive zone pressure, puck pursuit, board play, puck retreival. This kid makes every line he plays on better. Not the most offensively talented player in the world, but his ability to hold on to pucks, to get pucks to where they need to go, and to get back lost pucks really swings the momentum in our favor. It’s not about his speed, its really more about his agility.

Great game by Talbot. Once again the kid plays such a fantastic game and gets his team the W. He didn’t have to make a ton of challenging saves, but when he had to, he did. 1 fluke goal given up, and 1 legit one. Nice job kid, keep it up.

That’s all for now, I’m dying here, need to get to bed.

I agree with AV tonight. We did a lot of good things out there. Limited the number of quality chances, particularly 5 on 5, and generated a TON of HIGH QUALITY chances.

This wasn’t a game where we got 30 shots on goal, but all of them were from far out and were unscreened. We got tons of point blank chances, from the guys who you want shooting the pucks in those situations. We…just…can’t…score.

It’s really incredible if you think about it. Even a team like us, there clearly isn’t the most talented, should be able to score goals given enough high quality chances, and yet the Rangers continue to put out an unstustainably bad level of offense night after night.

I mean, how can you explain it? As of this minute the Rangers currently have 0 goals from Pyatt, Miller, Fasth (who was just sent down), Kreider, Stepan, MDZ, Girardi, Stralman, Boyle, Nash, and Dominic Moore.

In fact, through 10 games we only have 2 players with more than 1 goal!!! AND ONE OF THEM IS INJURED!!!!!!

To put it in perspective, the Buffalo Sabres, which are the next worst team, have at least 5 players with more than 1 goal. It ain’t much…but its sure as fuck more than 2!

So, I’m at a loss, how can you explain such a low shooting percentage? Sure, talent is one thing, but this is basically the same team we had last year except we added Dominic Moore, and Pouliot…2 guys with historically decent shooting percentages (particularly Pouliot). It’s beyond all rational explanation that a team could be so terrible offensively…even when they play a good offensive game.

So, despite my negativity of the past few weeks, I’m going to flip flop for tonight. Sure, we lost, but I saw a ton of positives (other than the Reffing). Don’t be down after tonight, we deserved to win, and frankly, if the refs weren’t so blatantly bad, we probably do. But, shit happens, move along and keep playing.

Carl Hagelins back, that should give us a nice boost of energy one would think.

Simple – Rangers @ Team Sweden Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on October 27th, 2013

I don’t know if I can break this down any simpler but here goes.

Rangers play hard.

Rangers stand a chance.

Rangers mail it in.

Rangers aren’t talented enough to even keep it close.

It’s pretty simple really. How many games this year have the Rangers been blown out in? In each of those, can you honestly say that this team worked hard? And on the flip side, in our 3 wins wouldn’t you say that the Rangers were clearly the hardest working team on the ice?

So what’s the difference between AV and Torts right now? To me, the difference is really simple. The guys played hard (not always great, but hard) for Torts 95% of the time. So far they’ve played hard probably 40% of the time.

Not really that hard to figure out is it?

Tonight, they Rangers chased down pucks, they worked their asses off to keep pucks alive, hell, nothing exemplifies it more than Pouliots diving pass to Brassard to win the game. He was beat to the puck, but made a last ditch 110% effort play to get the puck up, and he won the game. Pouliot pretty much tipifies the Rangers problems this year. When he’s a coasting whore like he’s been most of this season, he’s pretty much useless. When he imposes his will on the opposition, he’s a pretty dominant player. He did it against Philly till he was booted out, and he did it again tonight. Here’s hoping he keeps it up….hell, here’ hoping the guys realize they actually have to TRY to win games.

But I’m not holding my breath.

Congrats Flyers, you suck a little less than the Rangers. But make no mistake about it. You guys suck.

It doesn’t even take a well played game to beat us anymore. I mean, look at that Flyers team. Did they do anything remarkable? Did it take herculean goaltending to beat us? Did they have to pound us into submission? Did they possess the puck like it was hot-glued to their sticks? Did they block every shot at their net? Did they put on a defensive clinic?


They didn’t even play a good game. To be honest, they really sucked tonight. This was one of the worst efforts the Rangers have seen against them all season long…


I mean, seriously. Can a team show less heart than these douches? They don’t give 2 shits about winning or losing.

This is exactly what I was afraid of when the idiotic management fired Torts. With nobody their to light a fire under their collective asses, everything just falls apart. No heart, No guts, No pride. Just mailing in a season.


I want my money back from NHL Center Ice. I plan on sending Madison Square Garden a bill.

Good Fortune?

Posted by inferno272 on October 19th, 2013

My DVR decided to not record past the first period. I saw the final score, I consider that a blessing.

Though, to be fair, we’re basically missing our top line. It’s tough to win without a top line and horrible goaltending.

Henrik Lundqvist, way to play yourself out of a monster contract.

That’s Better – Rangers @ Capitals Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on October 17th, 2013

It wasn’t a clean win. It wasn’t at all as well played as the Kings game, but it was a pretty damn good effort by the Rangers tonight. Frankly, it was a damn good effort by the Rangers against the Blues, but a shitshow in net by the should-have-never-been-re-signed Martin Biron led to a loss. Luckily, tonight, Henrik Lundqvist played a pretty strong game, and it was enough to give the Rangers 2 points they desperately needed.

A few things of note. Thus far Brad Richards has been BY FAR AND AWAY our best forward. It’s not even close. The guy is putting up points and the puck seems to find him. Granted, it’s a small sample size, but a good sign of things to come if we can ever get healthy.

Second. Brassard hasn’t looked nearly as good as he did in the preseason and last year…till tonight that is. A big reason? Getting away from the anchors of Pouliot and MZA who have been…AWFUL. Pouliot…I’ve never seen such a waste of talent before, guy can play, but just doesn’t seem to do it with any consistency at all. MZA? Let’s face it, he’s a shrimp…a talented shrimp for sure, but he doesn’t win board battles much, and he’s easy to knock off the puck. If it were me, Miller would take Puliots spot, and Pouliot would drop to the 4th line, where he belongs.

Third, When John Moore is on, he really is a damn good defenseman. Even when he’s not, hes a pretty damned good defenseman. This kid is a keeper.

Fourth, I thought our PK was really lucky tonight, but, they did a pretty decent job of taking away the seam pass. Not always, but for the most part those passes were tough to get through there. However they gave way too much time and space to AO and Green at the points. They did the old drop back and block their shot standby of Torts, but I still think they need to be a bit more aggressive, come out a bit more, challenge them, plus, the closer you are the tougher it is to get those shots through.

Rangers needed this win, they aren’t as bad as their record shows. Getting healthy, and playing hard will help a lot in that aspect.


Posted by inferno272 on October 10th, 2013

I…can’t…watch this shit anymore.

I’m taking a break. Going with the wife to tennessee this weekend to get the fuck away from this team.

I don’t want to see a rangers logo, I dont want to hear the rangers name, i dont want to know this team for a good long weekend.

I’m out.

Fuck this team.


Posted by inferno272 on October 9th, 2013

………….I got nothing………

You saw the game, or you at least heard the score. Do we need to talk about it? I say nah.

Big Boys – Rangers @ Kings Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on October 8th, 2013

What stood out for me…more than anything, was how well the Rangers “Big” players played.

By “Big” I mean literally big. Asham, Nash, Pouliot, Boyle, Pyatt, and Staal, all the bigger players, were absolutely terrific. They were able to handle the smashmouth Kings forecheck by absorbing hits to get the pucks out quickly and transition into offense. Pyatt and Boyle in particular really stood out as dominant forces out there tonight. Hats off to those 2 much maligned players.

I know everyone will want to laugh at that horrendous goal that Quick gave up, but let’s be honest here folks, if it wasn’t for Quick, Rangers woulda smoked the Kings. He kept ‘em in it, so I look at that goal more as a gimme for a team that earned more than a 3 spot on the scoreboard.

Brad Richards scored 2 tonight, but he looked both good and terrible at times. Not sure what to think, he had several good chances, scored 2 goals, but was smoked on a breakaway chance on the PP, and was a complete nonfactor along the boards. Very strange, hard to gauge what he did out there.

I’m a little worried about Henrik, in particular the way he’s handling easy shots. Have you noticed how many simple shots hes “fighting off”? Usually he gloves them or directs them into the boards, so far this season, everything has been a lunging save with rebounds left in the slot, or a goal post hit behind him. It seems like a focus thing more than anything. Not sure what’s up with that.

The thing that made me the happiest tonight though, was the Rangers clearing the slot out, and not allowing wide open chances from there other than the goal they gave up. In previous games it was slot chance after slot chance after slot chance…tonight, there couldn’t have been more than 1 or 2 chances from in close, everything else was kept to the outside with the front clear. Kudos to AV, it seems like he saw what we all saw, the slot was not being defended properly.

Great game by the Rangers, really great, but, let’s also mention that the Kings had a horrific game in their own zone. How many unforced turnovers did they have? Yikes.

This is a game to build on. You want to see that forecheck improve even more, and the defensive transition game get better (and it was outstanding tonight). Keep it up boys.