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I’ve made it clear that I’ve NEVER been a fan of having 50 million different players in camp, and even more, I never understood the fascination of playing all these tryout guys hoping to see something from a Hughes, Allen, or a Bickel that you couldn’t gleam from watching them in the minors.

I’m tired of seeing lineups with guys who won’t be Rangers this year. Why are we doing this? Someone want to explain to me why we have so many mediocre players playing?

We’re going a complete 180 on the way we play, and instead of getting the entire team on the same page we dick around with all these noobs hoping to find someone to steal a spot.

Look, we all know that the D is set, want to have 2 guys around for the # 7? Sure, let’s do that. But other than that I don’t get why we’re doing what we’re doing. Now should be the time we put Richards with other guys to see how he fits. Now should be the time we play around with a shut down line with something like Boyle, Dorsett and Moore. Now should be the time where we refine who we are and how we will play, not trying to figure out who is even going to be on the team.


I hope after this game we see some cuts.

And frankly, I hope that Biron is gone and Talbot is the new backup, but I don’t think for even a second that it will actually happen that way.

Talbot, to me, has clearly outplayed Biron, but everyone knows what a “good locker room guy he is” and so he gets to keep a job based solely on his twitter account and not for shutting down his canyon sized 5-hole.

Assuming Stepan wakes up and realizes what hes going to get is on the table and it ain’t getting any better, I’d like to see the following lineup…

Kreider – Stepan – Nash
Pouliot – Brassard – MZA
Fasth – Richards – Pyatt
Dorsett – Moore – Boyle

And when Cally and Hagelin come back, they move to make a damn strong 3rd line.

To me, Fasth has earned a spot on this team, nobody else of note has. Kreider played well tonight, and i just can’t see him not starting off on the big squad despite his up and down play to start the preseason.

The D is what it is, we all know how that’s going to go.

Enough dicking around, let’s get the team set, and start on learning the system as a whole.

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