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Archive for September, 2013

Get On With It – Rangers @ Las Vegas Kings Post Game Thoughts

Posted by inferno272 on September 28th, 2013

Our team looks totally discombobulated…they don’t know where to go the vast majority of the time. They look like a team that needs some serious coaching. To me it seems as if they are caught in between systems.

Watching this preseason has made me realize one thing… if you want a radical transition from one type of system to another, you better be willing to deal with that transition time, because a team playing in between systems…pretty much looks like we have this entire preseason…..effing terrible, and yet somehow still better than the Flyers.

To me a few players have “made” this team, and a few players had not. If I had to pick the roster to go to war with, this is what I would go (assuming the cap numbers work out).

Kreider – Stepan – Nash
Pouliot – Brassard – MZA
Fasth – Richards – Miller
Dorsett – Moore – Boyle

I think Asham, Fasth, and Miller have all played their ways onto this team, and Kreider just barely hung on. I think based on name he’s going to get some time for several games to see what he can do. I thought Asham would have been a goner, but, to be honest, he was one of our better players all preseason long.

I’d waive Pyatt if I were the coach, but I know that ain’t happening. I just didn’t see anything worthwhile from him, and I personally think he’s a waste of space. Slows the game down, doesn’t do anything. GTFO.

Once Cally and Hagelin are back, you’d figure Fasth, Miller, Dorsett, and Kreider would have to watch out for their jobs barring injuries.

The D would be what you would expect. For a spare D I’d keep Allen if it were me, but I think he might benefit from more playing time in Hartford. You could go with Falk, which would be fine, but he sucks, frankly, the drop after our top 6 is so frighteningly large, I’d be scared shitless if more than 1 defenseman gets hurt this year. Michael Sauer, we miss you.

Luckily it’s only the preseason, but if I were you, I’d expect to see a lot of games like we just saw the past 2 nights….games where the team just isn’t sure where to be, lose coverages, and kill their goalie. Radical coaching changes lead to more problems than you’d expect. I think personality is 1 thing, but completely changing the style is another.

See you Thursday.

Turn The Page – Rangers @ Canucks Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on September 27th, 2013

I’m not sure where I stand with AV, but I’ll say this, I agree with most of what he said in his post game presser.

Rangers played one of their better games, but got some bad bounces, got some horrendous goaltending, and ran into a hot goalie.

We, for the most part, outplayed the Canucks.

Do I worry about Henrik Lundqvist then? Are you kidding me? Henrik is our backbone, he’s the reason we are where we are 99% of the time. If Henrik has an off game, it is what it is. dust yourselves off and work at it tomorrow.

The offense not scoring is a little more worrisome, but again, we badly outshot them, and had some pretty good chances to score but it just wouldn’t go for us. Meh, what can you do.

I will say, I don’t like Brassard with Nash, I think he looks too much to defer to Nash and it hurts his game. Pouliot, to me, isn’t a top line player. I’d reunite Kreider with Stepan and Nash to see if they can rekindle some of their playoff mojo they had going late last season. Stick Brassard with MZA and Pouliot…and hope to God the now cleared for contact Ryan Callahan can get back in the lineup quickly to give you 3 solid lines.

Brad Richards hasn’t looked nearly as good as I was hoping after his reasonably strong first game. In fact, it seems like every game he’s taking another step back. WTF has happened to this guy? If he doesn’t get his shit together soon, Rangers may have to send him home to Canada and bubble wrap him hoping he doesn’t hurt himself before the buyout period starts. I know it’s just the preseason, but you’d expect to see a lot more from a “hungry” Richards.

Cuts – Rangers @ Oilers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on September 25th, 2013

I’ve made it clear that I’ve NEVER been a fan of having 50 million different players in camp, and even more, I never understood the fascination of playing all these tryout guys hoping to see something from a Hughes, Allen, or a Bickel that you couldn’t gleam from watching them in the minors.

I’m tired of seeing lineups with guys who won’t be Rangers this year. Why are we doing this? Someone want to explain to me why we have so many mediocre players playing?

We’re going a complete 180 on the way we play, and instead of getting the entire team on the same page we dick around with all these noobs hoping to find someone to steal a spot.

Look, we all know that the D is set, want to have 2 guys around for the # 7? Sure, let’s do that. But other than that I don’t get why we’re doing what we’re doing. Now should be the time we put Richards with other guys to see how he fits. Now should be the time we play around with a shut down line with something like Boyle, Dorsett and Moore. Now should be the time where we refine who we are and how we will play, not trying to figure out who is even going to be on the team.


I hope after this game we see some cuts.

And frankly, I hope that Biron is gone and Talbot is the new backup, but I don’t think for even a second that it will actually happen that way.

Talbot, to me, has clearly outplayed Biron, but everyone knows what a “good locker room guy he is” and so he gets to keep a job based solely on his twitter account and not for shutting down his canyon sized 5-hole.

Assuming Stepan wakes up and realizes what hes going to get is on the table and it ain’t getting any better, I’d like to see the following lineup…

Kreider – Stepan – Nash
Pouliot – Brassard – MZA
Fasth – Richards – Pyatt
Dorsett – Moore – Boyle

And when Cally and Hagelin come back, they move to make a damn strong 3rd line.

To me, Fasth has earned a spot on this team, nobody else of note has. Kreider played well tonight, and i just can’t see him not starting off on the big squad despite his up and down play to start the preseason.

The D is what it is, we all know how that’s going to go.

Enough dicking around, let’s get the team set, and start on learning the system as a whole.

Really Really Bad… – Rangers @ Flames Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on September 23rd, 2013

It’s not that the Rangers scored only 1 goal tonight. I’m used to seeing that.

What I’m not used to seeing are my beloved Rangers giving up chance after chance after chance in the slot. I’ve seen second chance stuff in the slot when Torts was the coach, but I haven’t seen guys just stand in the slot all alone…time, after time, after time, without any answer.

I get it. It’s the preseason, don’t take too much stock in what we see. But this is hockey 101 boys. Don’t leave the slot open.

I just don’t get what the hell I was seeing out there. It wasn’t a good hockey game by the Rangers, and we had a pretty decent lineup in there, despite how many kids played. We had 4 of our top 6 defenseman, though to be fair, having Bickel on there is like being 2 men down whenever he’s on the ice….he’s just that bad. But still, there was more than enough talent out there to not see such an awful display of hockey. I didn’t see any great offensive chances, I didn’t see anything special out there, all I saw was…to be honest…pre-lockout Rangers hockey.


Cliffs Notes – Rangers @ Flyers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on September 18th, 2013

Some quick thoughts on this game, gotta hit the sack and wake up in 4 hours…

Brassard was incredible tonight, just a fantastic game outside of one really bad drop pass. Saw the ice, was cool under pressure, just a great game. Same with Zucc, though not as “dominant” he was most definitely a force. Pouliot looked good and bad. Sometimes he looked unstoppable, sometimes he looked lackadaisical…kinda reminded me of Zherdev in that aspect (not how they play, just the way they can be totally different players from shift to shift).

Really liked what I saw from Fast. Don’t get the praise for Lindberg, I really didn’t see much.

Dominic Moore, imho, has made this team. Boyle better start playing well.

McIlrath needs more time. At times he looked great, and at other times he looked horrendous. Signs of a kid with promise who needs more time.

Stralman was poor, but, who cares, its the preseason.

Like what I see from Talbot. To me, even though Biron hasnt given up a goal, it seems like Talbot is already a better goalie. He’s the backup next year IMHO.

That’s all, off to bed!

The Replacements – Rangers @ Devils Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on September 16th, 2013

It’s really tough to gauge anything from this game for a multitude of reasons, first and foremost, the coach hasn’t even worked on his system yet, and won’t start that for 2 more games (which I don’t get, but, what the hell do I know). Second, there were far more “Scrubs” on this team than regular. This wasn’t a squad packed with guys you’ll see this season, this was Henrik, Staal, MDZ, Moore, our top line, and a mishmash of 4th liners and numerous people who will likely never play in the NHL as a Ranger.

Guys like Powe, Mashinter, Hrivik, etc, and heck, even a guy like Kristo, really don’t figure into our plans this season. Dominic Moore, Boyle, sure, those guys can make a solid penalty killing 4th line. But Johnson? that guy isn’t making this team. Bickel? Yuck.

Way too many scrubs out there to make any sort of observation on this game. They lost 2-1, didnt generate a ton of offense, and looked awfully slow.

IE, more of the same.

But, you’d EXPECT that from a team that doesn’t have guys like Stepan, Callahan, Hagelin, Brassard, McDonagh, Pouliot, Girardi, Stralman, or kids like Lindberg and Fasth (who are closer than Kristo IMHO).

Anyways, let’s talk about some of the standouts.

On the negative side of things, I felt like Powe pretty much tried to play himself out of a spot. He…Looked…Terrible. I couldn’t think of a single good thing he did all night. He even looked slower than usual, and didn’t play a particularly sound defensive game.

Brian Boyle was meh. Not great, not terrible, just meh. As was Kreider and Nash.

On the plus side of things I felt like Asham played a great game, as did Ryan Bourque, but odds are neither of those guys will be with the Rangers this year. Our best forward and defenseman though, to me, was Brad Richards and John Moore. Moore looked like he was channeling his inner McDonagh, and Richards looked like a new man. He played a really strong game, and had our best chances and generated quite a few himself. Again though, there wasn’t much consistent offensive zone attack. It didn’t seem like any of the lines other than the Richards line could do much. Which, again, comes back down to the roster…most of these guys aren’t going to be NHLers, or impact players.

The opening night lineup won’t look anything like this, that’s for sure…even with Hagelin and Cally out.

OK, that’s all for now, gotta run!

That Time

Posted by inferno272 on September 16th, 2013

Yep, I’m back.

I just moved into a new house with my wife a month ago so preparing for that and dealing with house shit after the fact has just killed any free time ive had. Anyways, I’ll be watching tonights game via a stream since Dish Network doesnt have MSG network.

I’ll chat with you all soon!