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Archive for May 24th, 2013

I just don’t get how a team, in a do or die game, can play the way we did for the first 30 minutes.

I really don’t.

I’m super proud of the way the boys rebounded, stormed back, and won a game we trailed heading into the 3rd. It’s basically what the Bruins did to us, just, not as emphatically.

So, let’s talk about Brad Richards shall we?

I actually disagree with benching him, despite how awful he’s been. Only because when coaches make “panicky” moves like this in must wins they almost always backfire. What happened? Dorsett takes a dumb penalty, and really, our 4th line didn’t do jack. Did Haley even play? Keep Richards in on the 4th line, give him some soft minutes, hope he can turn it around. I just don’t think Newbury is the answer here. JT Miller? I think he’d be fine. Not Newbury. Too bad JT is injured.

Another thing that’s pretty obvious after watching him for 4 games now, despite the rather mediocre game he had tonight….Zdeno Chara is an incredible defenseman. I mean, he’s so smooth out there, and he’s also a nasty S.O.B.. Amazing stick work, plays the body so well. He’s like Marc Staal, with offense, and a mean streak. There’s a reason Bawstun is soo damn good defensively, it starts with him.

Marchand is overrated. I’m just gonna leave it there.

That Krug kid isn’t that great, but what he is, is confident as all hell in his ability, a lot of time, that makes up for a lot. Plus, he can rifle the puck, that doesn’t hurt either.

Brassard and Stepan, our 2 top centers, officially, were AMAZING tonight. For a long while, they were the only 2 guys who played well, Brassard particularly.

OK, bed time, later ppl!