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Archive for May 7th, 2013

Resolve – Capitals @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on May 7th, 2013

If you know me at all, you know that I don’t have rose-colored glasses….

I call it like it is, I don’t sugar coat a shitty win and I don’t get down on a well played loss.

But, we’ll get to that shortly.

There was one thing tonight that I liked above all else. No, it wasn’t that our power play finally showed a sputtering of life. No, it wasn’t that we score 4 goals after scoring 1 the previous 2 games combined. No, what impressed me more than anything, what had me cheering when the final horn blew was the resolve this team showed tonight. In a back-and-forth affair, the Rangers had many chances to fall to pieces. 3 crazy goals off of deflections, an early deflating goal, a 3rd period come-back goal off of a nothing play, and a penalty on a dive-and-a-half by AO…but the Rangers still did what they had to do. They buckled down, they played really great hockey, and they picked up a win….amazingly, with yet ANOTHER goalpost hit…how many is that now?

Still, I’m going to give it to you straight, the Rangers didn’t play a great game tonight. Rick Nash was terrible aside from his assist..he’s pressing big time, trying to do it all himself, and instead coughing the puck up time after time after time. Rick, buddy, do us all a favor, when you see 3 guys ahead of you, instead of trying to stick handle through them, every once in a while, go wide, circle behind the net, and pick up the trailer when the reinforcements get there or re-set once you have some help. A turnover when your team is changing, that everyone can see coming a mile away, is NOT a good play. Even if one out of every 100 times you go 1 on 3 and are able to burn through for a goal, the other 99 times you’re creating an odd man rush against. 1 on 1? Have at it…maybe even 1 on 2…but 1 on 3, or 1 on 4? Play it smart.

Am I the only one who really wanted Brad Richards to get a goal when his blistering slapper hit the post? Richards really needs something good to happen to him, another guy who’s pressing, who we really need to snap out of it.

LOVING John Moores game. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but man oh man, this kid is quickly turning into an absolute stud on the blueline. Between him, Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, MDZ, Stralman, Mcilrath, Skjei, etc the Rangers have some awfully good depth on the blueline in the future years…

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Carl Hagelin is not playing well. He had a few great shifts in the first game, and other than that I don’t see the smart and tenacious play we’re used to seeing. Kid needs to wake up.

Marc Staal played tonight, and the lift to the team was obvious, but he didn’t play well. Dare I say, Eminger probably would have given us better minutes, but Staal needs to go through the break-in period all players go through when they come back after a big time injury, needs to catch back up to speed, too bad he couldn’t get a few games in going into the playoffs. We could sure use 100% Marc Staal, or, at the very least, not ultra-gassed-after-15-seconds Marc Staal. He’ll be fine though, I’m not worried.

That’s all, I’m out.

Remember, next game will be my final post game post till the 20th, going on my honeymoon with my beautiful wife. Hopefully there’s Rangers hockey to talk about!