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Archive for April 24th, 2013

Haunting – Rangers @ Panthers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 24th, 2013

Tonight was a night where some of our terribad games from earlier in the year came back to haunt us. This wasn’t a “must win” game, but it was close to it, and the Rangers….well…they lost.

But, they didn’t DESERVE to lose. Let’s face it, they badly outplayed the Panthers, and a goalie stole the game for the other team.
I know people want to nitpick the small stuff, but to me, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is, this was a game that the Rangers had to win BECAUSE of their horrendous play early in the season. They put themselves to be in a spot where even if they play a great game, it may not be enough.

This is what happens when you sleepwalk through parts of a season.

Don’t blame Henrik.

Don’t blame Torts.

Blame the team that didn’t show up night in and night out early in the year. Their game has haunted us, and forced us to play .700+ hockey to just barely squeeze into the playoffs.

Not good.

Of course, there were some positives, I thought both MZA and John Moore played outstanding games. Clearly MZA was the best Ranger on the ice tonight, creating chances galore, getting under the oppositions skin, and getting a whole heaping pile of minutes (seemingly) thanks to his great play.

But, again, it’s not enough…..and I just knew something like this would happen. Rangers would play a good game, lose, and everyone would freak out. And they should….but not because of tonight, because of games earlier in the year, like against the Sabres months back, or against the Jets….games we just didn’t show up for. Those are why you should be mad, not tonight.