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Archive for April, 2013

Frequent Foes – Devils @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 28th, 2013

Wow. Of all the teams to come out and just give up on a season, you’d think the Devils wouldn’t be it.

This was a pretty proud organization, with a pretty impressive history, even if I despise them with every fiber of my being. So to see them come out, and flat out not give a shit if they win or lose, was QUITE shocking.

Lucky us.

This was a game the Rangers absolutely 100% HAD to have. Luckily we did, and locked in the #6 spot for us thanks to the Sens failing to beat the Flyers. Flyers have done the Rangers some impressive favors the past few nights by taking out the Icelanders and the Senators. Thanks Flybags!

What I liked about tonight was that really we were a 2-line team. Not relying on the Stepan line alone to carry us. Nash, Zucc and Richards were arguably better than the Stepan, Callahan, Hagelin trio. That’s really saying something. Part of it is that both Zucc and Richards are trying to find Nash…and, well, Nash can score. Makes sense. Richards has been playing some pretty good hockey of late and that bodes well for the Rangers heading into the series with Washington. I don’t think this is going to be like last season, Washington tried to out-Ranger the Rangers. They are playing some pretty good hockey, and their PP is absolutely Lethal, with that said the Rangers are scoring a lot of goals for the most part of late, and that bodes well since last year we couldn’t score playoff goals to save our lives.

Playoff preview coming probably tomorrow. Been pretty busy of late, several business related things have been going on at the same time which is basically making me work 10-14 hours a day 7 days a week. Finding time to write this blog and watch Rangers games=less time sleeping.

One other heads up. I will be out of the country May 10th to May 20th (going on my belated honeymoon with my wife), so no blog updates then. Sadly, looks like I’ll be missing some playoff hockey (hopefully)

No – Rangers @ Hurricanes Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 26th, 2013

John Tortorella…you are dead wrong.

The Rangers did not play a good game tonight. Sure, they had some chances, sure they had some GREAT chances, but that doesn’t mean they played a good game.

Not when you give up the quality chances we did, and not when you make such idiotic mistakes in a game you absolutely had to have against a team that is decimated by injuries, and…we….kinda sucks.

I’ll take the win, but I wasn’t all that happy. Those 2 mistakes were hideous, and a team like us just shouldn’t be making those kinda mistakes.

It would be one thing if we finished on those chances and went up like 5-1 or something.

We didn’t play smart, we didn’t finish on our chances, and it took a soft call and a lucky bounce to get us in the playoffs through the front door, rather than the back door. Also, let’s note the Jets fell apart AFTER we won our game.

That’s a good game? I dunno.

This just didn’t sit right with me. Kinda the opposite of the way I felt against the Panthers. I just didn’t like what I saw, way too many mistakes. A lot of the chances we gave up were also either shot wide, or blocked by our team in front.

I don’t like the way we just give up the points too. Far too many teams just move the puck up high and start creating movement down low to re-set their offense. It’s annoying, and leads to long stretches of being trapped in your zone. I like the 5 goalie mentality, but we don’t challenge the points when we have the opportunity, which is annoying as all hell.

Haunting – Rangers @ Panthers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 24th, 2013

Tonight was a night where some of our terribad games from earlier in the year came back to haunt us. This wasn’t a “must win” game, but it was close to it, and the Rangers….well…they lost.

But, they didn’t DESERVE to lose. Let’s face it, they badly outplayed the Panthers, and a goalie stole the game for the other team.
I know people want to nitpick the small stuff, but to me, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is, this was a game that the Rangers had to win BECAUSE of their horrendous play early in the season. They put themselves to be in a spot where even if they play a great game, it may not be enough.

This is what happens when you sleepwalk through parts of a season.

Don’t blame Henrik.

Don’t blame Torts.

Blame the team that didn’t show up night in and night out early in the year. Their game has haunted us, and forced us to play .700+ hockey to just barely squeeze into the playoffs.

Not good.

Of course, there were some positives, I thought both MZA and John Moore played outstanding games. Clearly MZA was the best Ranger on the ice tonight, creating chances galore, getting under the oppositions skin, and getting a whole heaping pile of minutes (seemingly) thanks to his great play.

But, again, it’s not enough…..and I just knew something like this would happen. Rangers would play a good game, lose, and everyone would freak out. And they should….but not because of tonight, because of games earlier in the year, like against the Sabres months back, or against the Jets….games we just didn’t show up for. Those are why you should be mad, not tonight.

The Eliminators – Devils @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 22nd, 2013

Thanks to a helpful member of the HFBoards I was able to catch the Buffalo game. It was a pretty terrible game to watch to be totally honest. It’s a game where the Rangers really didn’t *deserve* to win a laugher. They gave up some good chances, and most of their goals were really lucky and they didn’t generate many quality chances by their play, rather the Buffalo team screwing up.

Tonight was a bit different though, you’d have to say, for the most part, the Rangers outplayed the Devils pretty dramatically.

Sure, you could point to the reffing which was laughably bad (in our favor), but the play on the ice did dictate the score, we deserved to win.

And now, somehow, the Rangers find themselves within 1 point of the #6 spot which they desperately want/need. Rangers need to avoid the Penguins in the first round as much as humanly possible, that team has just way too much talent for us to have to deal with in the first round, even if by some miracle we beat them, you know it would take a helluva lot out of us to do it.

Looking at the schedules you have to think it’s a push between the Isles and Rangers, so the Rangers could easily find themselves finishing behind the suddenly red-hot Isles, but the Sens have a much more difficult schedule, and you could see us surpassing them and getting the Broo-ins in the first round, a much better matchup for us than the Pens, for sure.

Getting back to these 2 games, I think the thing that stands out is how the Rangers, more than anything, are finally getting some bounces go for them, which is leading to confidence, which is leading to more bounces.

That, and Brad Richards has played pretty well, and really it’s not about the goals he’s scored, he just looks better out there…his demeanor, his focus, confidence…everything seems better…I wonder if it’s being the 3rd line center that’s helping him out? Clearly Brassard and Stepan have usurped him as a top 2 center, but as a 3rd liner, Brad Richards has been pretty good. Except you shouldn’t have a 7ish million dollar guy be your 3rd line center.

Meh, whatever, just win!

Tampa Bay VS Oakland Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 19th, 2013

Just got home to watch the game, start it up, and apparently Comcast believes that NY Rangers VS Buffalo really means Tampa Bay vs Oakland baseball.


You can pretty much count on 1 thing this shortened season.

The Rangers will be inconsistent on any given night. This is completely different than the always-show-up squad that played last year, and, quite frankly, it’s maddening to watch.

This was showcased in spades tonight, and it was, again, pretty damn annoying. The Rangers won a game 6-1, but it wasn’t a 6-1 game for most of the night, it was just a 5 minute stretch at the end where the Panthers just mailed it in, but aside from that, you’d have to say this was a pretty even game.

When the Rangers are playing against this mediocre of a team, an “even” game is pretty much unacceptable.

But expected.


I mean, we’ve seen this all year long, Bryzga…err….sleep through a period or 2, then wake up and hope that 1 or 2 periods (or in this case, 5-10 minutes really) of showing up is good enough.

Against the Panthers, it is. Against a better team? No. Sabres will be a better test, and I’m not at all optimistic based on what I saw tonight.

No Words

Posted by inferno272 on April 16th, 2013

Tone – Rangers @ Islanders Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 14th, 2013

I really really really want to be happy about this win.


I swear.

But I’m finding it really tough to be happy about a win where, let’s be honest, we were dominated for most of the game. It took another superhuman performance by Henrik Lundqvist to get the 2 points.


Yeah, probably.

But, did I scream my frikkin head off when Dan Girardi put it unnecessarily in the top corner when he had half the damn net to shoot at because Nabakov was totally out of position?

You damn right I did.

Still though, it was a little annoying, the tone of the game was pretty much completely dictated by the Islanders. They hunted down pucks, they pursued it, they controlled the play, we just reacted and hoped to cash in if we’re lucky… Know what this game reminded me of? Nearly every single playoff game over the past 3 years. Why is it John Tortorella coached Rangers teams seems to fall into this, hang on for dear life and hope to win the game 1-0 after your goalie has an incredible game playoff mentality? It’s really effing annoying. We’re a lot better than this, and yet it seems like when the chips go down, this team becomes far more reactive rather than proactive. They get the game taken to them, they don’t take the game to the other team. It’s sickening to be totally honest.

I’ll take it, but I’m not happy, not at all. Nor should you be.

Let’s use the remaining relatively easy schedule to get our game back, the past few have been….annoying, to say the least.

Percentages – Leafs @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on April 11th, 2013

Gonna be super short here, just got back from a game then I watched the recording of the game tonight.

I felt the Rangers really had a ton of great scoring chances but couldn’t hit the net worth a damn, how many chances did they flat out miss the net on? Yikes.

Good for Zucc getting that goal, he needed it, kid has played really well and isn’t getting rewarded on the scoresheet. On the flip side Brad Richards was god-awful tonight, even though he did have a few good chances, that just shows you how awful a guy is, when he has 2 or 3 high quality chances but still deserves to be benched.


Ryane Clowe has come screaming back down to Earth. Guy doesn’t do much of all out there, had a nice fight, but how many chances does he actually develop for his team in a game? 0? 1? Not seeing much at all from him since that first game. And he wants 8 years at 6 mil per? Hahahahahahahaha

Carl Hagelin seems to have his feet directly attached to his confidence. When the kid believes in himself, he goes into another gear, a gear nobody in the NHL can catch. Luckily, when he’s off his game, he’s still faster than everyone in the NHL. Go figure.

Rick Nash was awfully quiet tonight, few good moves here and there, but aside from that, not much, Toronto did a good job shutting him down.

That’s all, off to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sloppyness – Rangers @ Maple Leafs Post Game Thoughts..

Posted by inferno272 on April 9th, 2013

Gonna be short here because it’s late and I have to wake up really early tomorrow.

The Rangers played a pretty sloppy game, but luckily, so did the Leafs. Unfortunately, we were just a little more sloppy than they were.

This comes down to a few mistakes the Rangers made, coupled with hitting 2 posts (but getting back 2 miraculous non-goals on a post and a stuff in save by Stralman), and a broken stick by Stepan. Some things went against us this game, some things went for us this game. All in all, we probably deserved to lose, but it could have gone either way.

You gotta point the finger at the D-pair of MDZ and Girardi though, those 2 were horrific all night long, no way else you can put it, those 2 cost us the game with some really bad positioning.

Nash and Stepan continue on their torrid pace, scoring huge goals for this team, but, to be fair, playing mediocre defensively as well (yes, you can call out a player even when they play a good game offensively).

I think Torts let this team off the hook a bit with his post game comments, but it is what it is guys, the Rangers gotta come back strong on Wednesday.

Speaking of, I’ve got plans on Wednesday night, so if I do get a chance to do a wrap, it’ll be super late, and also super short like this one, sorry, real life can sometimes get in the way :)