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Leave it to the New York Rangers to play a game really well…and still somehow look like dogshit while doing it.

No seriously, did you see the game? The Rangers outchanced the Habs, they outhit, they played a pretty good game. Marian Gaborik was flying, easily our best player, and JT Miller had a few point blank how-did-he-not-bury-that chances but they still couldn’t find the back of the net. So, instead of talking about the Rangers miraculously ending their seemingly decade long losing streak in Montreal, all we can talk about now is this god-damn team being shut out….AGAIN.

One of the worst offensive teams in the league, despite so much talent, falling even lower on the pathetic scale.

You have former players coming out calling for the coaches head. Then you have Derek Stepan, basically the Rangers best player not named Henrik Lundqvist this year coming out to defend the beleaguered coach. All in all a pretty typical shit-tastic day for the life of a Ranger fan.

Oh, and we get to play the undefeated in march Pittsburgh Penguins twice, and the Winnipeg Jets who somehow have owned us this year.

This could get REALLY ugly, REALLY quickly folks.

That’s all before the trade deadline too.

What would I do this deadline?

Not add anyone of significance.

Instead, I would look to trade Brian Boyle, Taylor Pyatt, Arron Asham, Matt Gilroy, and Darrel Powe for draft picks.

Then, I go with a lineup something like this:

Hagelin – Stepan – Nash
MZA – Richards – Gaborik
Kreider – Miller – Callahan
Thomas – Newbury – Fasth/Ferriero/Haley/Seagal

I would definitely bring up Christian Thomas at the very least to use his lethal shot on the Power Play. And I would look to bring in some more of our kids, and get a little faster. Our bottom lines are way too damn slow. I would also bring up Dylan McIlrath to bring a little snarl to our team…..frankly, this team is a little too easy to play against.

That’s all from me, have a Happy Easter everyone.

One Response to “Only The Rangers – Rangers @ Prusters Post Game Thoughts…”

My opinion is this. What’s missing on this team is an agitator, Avery or Prust, and some toughness.

When your team is skating around in a dream someone has to stir up trouble. That wakes up everyone up and can change the complexion of the game..

I recall Tortorella when he had Tampa. He came into MSG one night and it was the same as this game. Domination by the Rangers. His team was just skating back and forth. He sent out Fedoruk in the second period simply to punch someone in the face. Then we had a hockey game. They started to fly. Didn’t win but they weren’t dead either.

Bickel is a disaster but Tortorella had the right idea with him last year. Just keep him around. Or McIlraith if he is half ready. Benching Asham? If you are going to lose anyway big-time, and that’s the way things are going, make sure there is blood on the ice so that the other team knows you are there. If they don’t hear footsteps when they touch the puck, they have no fear.

It seems that Prust was the heart of the team. They have no heart now.