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Look, I know you want to freak out about the end game collapse. But let’s state the facts here. The Bruins score a goal that shouldn’t have counted. Lucic touched the puck with his hand, that goal shouldn’t have counted. Period. End of story. It’s a hand pass. Worse yet, it’s a hand pass that gave Bawstun a freebie point which I can’t stand.

Don’t get down, the Rangers pretty a helluva game for 55 minutes in regulation, and the entire O/T. Stralman breaks a stick. Blargh. Nash hits the post. Blargh. This crap happens. But, this crap happened, AND we won the game. That’s all that matters. The Rangers just finished arguably the most difficult opening 12 games of any team in the NHL…having to play the Penguins and Bruins a total of 5 times in our first 12 games. And you know what? We’re in the playoff picture as of right now, we’ve won 3 in a row, we’re 7-3 in our last 10, and, let’s be honest here, Gaborik and Richards really aren’t going yet. It’s the Rick Nash, Carl Hagelin, Ryan Callahan, and Henrik Lundqvist show. Once Gabby and Richards get going, watch the eff out!

I really liked a lot of what I saw tonight, but one thing did concern me. The play of Dan Girardi. Our all-star defenseman (one of 3 arguably), is clearly not himself. I can’t even remember the last time Girardi played a game so mediocre as this. He’s usually so steady, but he looked like he was hurting out there. It’s more important the Girardi is healthy down the stretch than it is for him to “gut it out” right now. I sure hope the Rangers are doing their due diligence here, Girardi is just too damn important to this team to screw around with his health.

The Rangers now enter a stretch of games where, really, they have a 10 game stretch coming up where, if they don’t pick up a MINIMUM of 14 points, I would call it a complete failure. Games against the Sabres (1 line team), Caps (complete disarray), Ottawa (no Spezza), Winnipeg (lol), Montreal (who knows what team shows up), and the Islanders (lolx2). Honestly, winning 13 games in a row should be the goal here (counting our current 3 game streak) before we head into the game against the Pens. If by the March 16th game the Rangers are not in first place, or nipping at the heels of whoever is in first place, I’ll be very annoyed.

Time to make our run boys…time to make it NOW.

Oh, and nice goal by Cally, way to pick up the boys.

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