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I know everyone wants to talk about “Miller Time” or what not. I know I should be happy with a pretty good Rangers win…and I am, I really am. But, just like I refuse to get too down on this team when they were getting beat up by the Brooins and Pens, I refuse to get too high when they beat, let’s face it, a very inferior Islanders team.

But…but, their power play, OMGZ SO GOOD!, and…they’re much better, blah blah blah.

No, seriously. It’s the Islanders. Each and every one of you picked them to finish dead last. I did. You did…yeah, you, over there, you picked them to finish dead last….no, don’t you shake your head at me…I know you did. They suck ok? Let’s just admit it. They have Tavares, Moulson, and a bunch of 2nd rate AHLers. Nabakov is a solid goalie, but not in the same league as Henrik. Tavares is frikkin awesome, and Moulson gets his dirty goals, but they’ve got pretty much nothing else. Grabner, sure, he’s fast, but so is Hagelin. Meh.

So yeah, I’m not super impressed by the win. JT Miller was great, no doubts. Thankfully Cally is back, and his presence did a lot to lift this team, but by and large, this wasn’t a game you can say, wow, what a win. We beat an inferior team. This is a team we SHOULD beat. Just like the Brooins and the Pens are 2 teams where we could win, we could lose, or we could have a 3 point game. Teams that are pretty good. But the Isles? No. I’m throwing this game out. We should won. We did. Great. Now go win another, and another, and another. Go get me a 7 game winning streak. Put together 14 out of a possible 18 points or something. Then I’ll be thrilled. But right now? We beat a shitty team. Yay.

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