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I’m alive. I haven’t had much to say for a very simple reason. There is nothing to say. The billionaire owners are being dicks by locking out their players. The millionaire players are being dicks for demanding their ridiculously inflated salaries continue to stay inflated, and the regular guys & gals, like you and I are being held hostage to their negotiation. I’ve defended Bettman a lot over the years, and while I do agree that both sides are at fault, this time around I am placing more of the onus on Bettman than usual, simply because, there doesn’t HAVE to be a lockout. They can play under the existing rules and negotiate as they go. While that doesn’t sound like a sound negotiating point for the owners, it does make it more annoying for the fans simply knowing that fact. Record revenues, competitive balance…there’s a lot to be thankful for by these NHL owners. Average joes are going bankrupt left right and center. People can’t afford to pay for their medical expenses, people losing their homes on a daily basis, and these douchebags, making the most money they ever have, are locking their players out.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

One Response to “Disgusted”

Yeah, I had some sympathy last time because changes needed to be made. Now the league is healthy, and they’re arguing about how to split the pie.