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Complete and utter failure by the Rangers tonight. That is it. They flat out didn’t come to play. Henrik was bad. The D was bad. The forwards were bad…..and it wasn’t just that they were bad, there was NO effort there tonight. None. Kreider looked lazy, Gaborik looked lazy, Ryan Frikkin Callahan looked lazy. The guys looked like they couldn’t give a rats ass about burying the devils into a 3-1 hole. Like they can only play hard when their backs are up against the wall. Why the hell does this team have to play like crap in put-away type games? It’s as if the “cushion” of having the lead takes them off the hook from playing a good hard game. Last series, game 6, they played like garbage…tonight was worse. WAY worse. This wasn’t being tired, this was guys just not TRYING out there.

Does that make anyone else sick?

The worst part was the Rangers resorting to being douchebag goons to try to turn the series around. It didn’t work for the Flyers, it won’t work for us. What will work is some effing work ethic. Where the hell did this teams balls go? They look like a bunch of scared pansies who are ready to get their offseason golf game going. It’s horrendous to see this type of effort in such a crucial game at this time of the year.

I’m going to say this one more time. Where the hell has Ryan Callahan been? Seriously. He scored an empty netter…great. What the hell else has he done in these playoffs? If he’s hurt, he needs to sit. I don’t see the energy. I don’t see the heart. I don’t see the effort. I don’t see Ryan Frikkin Callahan. I’m looking at Chris Drury right now instead of our real captain. A guy who doesn’t do much else besides kill penalties. I was so used to seeing Cally be the first guy in on the forecheck. Punshing guys WAY bigger than him with hit after hit after hit. A guy forcing turnovers with his speed, doing whatever it takes to win. Right now he’s playing about as well as Ruslan Fedotenko has these playoffs. Seriously. Only difference between the 2 right now is how much ice time Cally has gotten. I’ve been really quiet on the Captain, but it’s time to take off the gloves. You need your leaders to be your leaders. I don’t need Cally to score a goal a game. What I do need is to see him TRY harder. A LOT harder. I need to see him punish people with hits. He’s been below average at absolute best in the playoffs. You want to make it to the Stanley Cup? You better get a helluva lot more effort from your captain than what we’ve seen thus far. Feel free to call out Gabby, feel free to call out Richards. But it’s gotta start with the guy with the C on his chest. Cally has been tremendous for this team, usually when he’s not scoring he’s doing everything else to jump start this team. Thus far, I’ve seen NOTHING.

Im so disgusted, I need to go kill something in Diablo 3 before my blood pressure gets too high.

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