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Archive for May 8th, 2012

MIRACLE! – Capitals @ Rangers Game 5 Post Game Thoughts…

Posted by inferno272 on May 8th, 2012

Usually I have the full game highlights at the top, today I am going to put them at the bottom, so if you’re looking for them, just scroll down a bit. Why did I pick this particular highlight to put up there? It’s simple. Go ahead and watch the clip, but pay particular attention right at the 1:46 mark till about the 1:51 mark. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you down below.

Ok, did you see it? Did you see Brandon Prusts reaction to the Rangers scoring that goal? If you missed it, go ahead and watch the video again. And again. And again. One more time? Why do I want you to see that reaction? Because if you didn’t go absolutely shit-bonkers like Prust did right there, then you aren’t a Ranger fan.

Personally, I went berserk. Anyone within a 22 square mile radius of my house probably thought some insane person was going around screaming at the top of their lungs. Oh, and when Staal scored his goal? It was just as loud.

This was a tremendous comeback by the Rangers tonight. The stuff of legend quite frankly. The kind of win you talk about when you’re in your 70’s sitting on the front porch reminiscing about the good old days while making sure the neighborhood kids stay off your lawn. One of those wins that will make you smile for no apparent reason at random intervals in your life. This was 100 times more incredible than the triple overtime marathon the Rangers won earlier in the series. Why? Because the Caps were 6.6 seconds away from going up 3 games to 2 by winning a game they were BADLY outplayed in. Think about it. They were about to steal a win they had no business deserving. If you add the blocked shots category to the shots on goal and to the missed shots, the totals go like this. Rangers 78 attempted shots on goal, Capitals 35. More than a 2-1 ratio. The Rangers had some good quality chances, and they gave up some good quality chances, but the shot numbers tells you the most important part of the story. The Rangers controlled the puck. They dictated most of this game. The goals they gave up, were probably ones that Henrik should have had, particularly the Carlson goal which it looked like he flat out missed, again, just like he did with the Ovechkin goal last game.

This was a game we deserved to win.

Winning it the way we did though, has to put a dagger in the hearts of the Capitals. I don’t care how much mental fortitude you have, to lose a game like you did tonight, that’s going to kill a team. Can they come back from this? I suppose, but to me, if they do, it will be because the Rangers allowed them to. The Rangers can take this series in Washington by coming out with all cylinders firing, and controlling the play the way they did to start this game. They do that, and we’ll be heading to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Just win baby.