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Good God that was a pretty damn boring game. I’ll take the win, for sure, but what you saw tonight was what the New Jersey Devils did to win themselves a cup. Play the game in the neutral zone, give up nothing, and win close games.

It’s frikkin boring to watch though, I’ll tell you that. You can’t say either team played bad or played lazy. It was just 2 teams daring each other to make a mistake for 60 minutes. The Devils made 1, the Rangers made none. Really it wasn’t even that the Rangers won this game, it’s that they were able to finally get past the trade deadline circus and move on with the season.

With regards to the Nash hoopla, I will say this. I think Howson is an idiot, and most likely will not be there to make a Nash trade when and if it does happen. You can’t throw your star player under the bus the way he did tonight. That’s career suicide. What exactly did he accomplish? All he did was alienate Nash further from the team while giving Nash NO reason whatsoever to help the Blue Jackets out and increase the amount of teams he would accept a trade to. Literally all he did was sign his own pink slip. Let’s not even get into the trade that he turned down. Apparently the Rangers offered Dubinsky, Erixon, JT Miller, Christian Thomas and a first rounder. Essentially, 3 first round picks/players, 1 50 point player, and 1 very good prospect. That’s a boat load to give up for a guy making almost 8 million bucks a year on the cap. That’s on the high end of what I would have done if I were Sather, and for Howson to turn that down, is just sheer stupidity. What does it get the Blue Jackets? You think all that many more teams will be looking to add Nash? Think about it. This offseason the cap will either be going down, or staying the same (most likely staying the same). How many teams can add on that kind of a cap hit during the offseason when Nash’s cap counts for the entire season? How many teams can ALSO give up the assets that Howson clearly wants? Then, how many of those teams would Nash actually be willing to accept a trade to? Oh, and did we mention that Zach Parise will be a free agent? If I’m a GM, would you rather give Parise 7-8 mil a season and give up 0 assets, or would you rather give up 2 dumptrucks worth of assets AND take on an 8 mil a year contract? Did we mention that Suter will be available too? Hell even P.A. Parenteau would look a little more attractive than Nash in some teams eyes.

Howson just made a HUGE mistake. I can’t blame Sather 1 iota for not giving up the supposed required pricetag of Stepan, Mcdonagh or MDZ, and Kreider. That is an absurd thing to even ask.

2 Responses to “Snoozer – Devils @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…”

How about Hags’ goal going in off Uncle Daddy’s butt? I can imagine the thought process: “Fatso here can’t back all the way up with all that junk in his trunk, maybe I should bank it off his rump”. Love it!

Time to come back, Inferno. Some house cleaning was done.

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