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Can I just say, I think “Blue Jackets” is just the stupidest name for a hockey….or really any team, ever. I get the whole Civil War stuff and what not, but for a hockey team, Blue Jacket? Really? I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but even the “Wild” is better than stupid old Blue Jackets.


This game was pretty misleading if you look at just the score. I really thought the Rangers badly outplayed the Jackets. They outchanced them, out everythinged them, but Columbus converted on 2 of really only 3 or 4 good chances, and the Rangers converted on 3 of maybe 10 or 15 good chances. They just couldn’t finish tonight. Pretty much underscoring their need to get someone like Rick Nash in here to help their mediocre offense.

With that said, I think it would be a mistake of epic proportions if the Rangers trade Michael Del Zotto for Nash. You all know I’m all for Nash, but if you trade MDZ, I’ll guarantee it here and now, the Rangers offensive production will go DOWN, not up. MDZ is by far and away our best outlet passer on the team. His offensive instincts are second to none, and he’s picking his spots to join the rush so damn well, and how he sees some of the passes he sees, I will never know. Kid just has unreal vision.

I would, however, be real interested in the Rangers picking up an elite faceoff man. The team just seems to get burned on key faceoffs far too often. Someone like Brindamour for the Canes during their cup run would be awesome. Someone who you can put out there for key faceoffs, have them win it, and then change. Rangers Faceoffs, while not terrible, are not all that great either. Faceoffs can be really big in the playoffs, where puck possession is so key, and losing puck possession off of faceoffs can be the difference between a series win, and a series loss. See the Rangers loss to the Sabres several years ago, when they couldn’t win a key faceoff to save their lives.

That’s all for now, I need to get to bed, been running on fumes for a few months now, the chance to get 7 hours of sleep is too tempting to pass up.

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