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Who were those guys? I didn’t recognize that team, did you? I’m used to seeing a Rangers team that works hard shift in and shift out, not one that looked like they had ciderblocks tied to their backs. I’m used to seeing a Rangers team that gets in hard on the forecheck, and pounds the ever loving crap out of the opposition with good clean hard hits, forcing turnovers and rushed decision making. I’m used to seeing a team that prides itself on defensive coverage, and being on the right side of the puck, not a team that gives breakaway after breakaway to the other team. No, tonight we didn’t see the New York Rangers. We saw some weird Fringe-style alternate universe team.

And it started with John Tortorellas horrendous coaching.

Yep. That’s right. I just called out the coach. The coach I’ve supported all year, and much before. The same coach I will continue to support beyond today. But, Tortorella was an idiot today. I’m guessing nobody from the Rangers read this post I wrote a little while back, that’s not surprising. But you know a team with that kind of payroll has access to statistics. They should KNOW that Martin Biron has been PUTRID as of late. They should know that he’s been trending downwards, and hasn’t given the Rangers many quality starts at all in the past few months. They should know that a team with the firepower of Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Keith, Seabrook, etc would come out roaring considering their recent slide. Hell, I said as much over on the HFBoards, and I’m not paid millions of dollars to coach this club. Torts is. Anyone with half a brain would know that Biron would suck, and the Hawks would run roughshod through this team. That’s exactly what they did.

Now, it’s not all on Biron, a lot of it was the Rangers not coming to play tonight. But you have to believe Henrik Lundqvist’s 5-hole wouldn’t let the Goodyear Blimp through it the way Birons was. Lundqvist would have stopped at least 2 of those goals, if not more. Biron didn’t and that put the Rangers in a tough spot to start this game. You can talk all you want about him staying with it and fighting through it and BLAH BLAH BLAH, but that’s all just sugarcoating what we all have seen and the numbers prove out. Martin Biron has sucked of late, and John Tortorella should have started him against a team that is one of the worst offensive teams in hockey, The Blue Jackets, rather than the BlackHawks who have extreme firepower up front. Poor coaching. Couple that with calling his timeout far too late, and you have the recipe for disaster. Rangers gave away 2 points tonight before the puck ever dropped. We all saw it coming.

One Response to “Mistaken Identity – Blackhawks @ Rangers Post Game Thoughts…”

Couldn’t agree with you more.Said almost everything you said to a “T”.