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I’m not quite as old as some of the bloggers out there. But I’ve been watching the Rangers, and hockey in general for about 25 years now (from the age of 6), and I have never, ever, seen anything like tonight. A goal with 0.1 seconds remaining? I’ve seen a few 7 second goals. I’ve seen a few dramatic game winners. But 0.1 seconds to go? That is just incredible. The presence of mind that Brad Richards has shown during his short time with the Rangers is just remarkable. He has such a strong feel for the game. For what to do, when to do it, and when to not do something. Sure, there was some luck involved as the puck clearly deflects off of the skate from the defenseman of the next team to be relocated, but the ability to get a shot on goal with the clock expiring, that shows an incredible awareness for the moment. If you’ve never played hockey, and hell, even if you have played hockey, you know sometimes you can lose track of exactly what time is left in the game. How much time is left in a PP, a PK, a 4 on 4, anything. It’s not easy to always tell, even if there are clocks all over the place, your attention is usually so focused on the moment that knowing the peripheral information isn’t easy. Somehow, Richards just….gets it.

The truth of the matter is though, that this game never should have gone to that final 1 tenth of a second. I personally felt the Rangers dominated this game, and even when the next team to be relocated surged, they didn’t allow very many quality scoring chances until they went down 2 men.

Speaking of being down 2 men, do the Rangers have the worst 5 on 3 powerplay in the league or what? I seriously can’t remember the last time the Rangers were able to execute these with any consistency. What do they have, 1 5 on 3 goal all season? Awful, just awful. The inability to bury teams when they take these penalties is extremely frustrating. You would think a team that is playing relatively well on the PP would be able to do something with a 5 on 3, but the Rangers just don’t funnel near enough pucks to the net with low shots looking for rebounds. It’s so annoying.

OK, that’s all for now. Have a good night all!

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