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Let me just start off by saying this. If you already watched this game, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch the above highlights. They are from the Buffalo feed and you will be forced to listen to some of the worst announcing in the history of sports done by Rick Jeanneret, who I can not stand. If you are forced to watch the highlights if you missed the game, then for the love of all that is good and pure, please mute your audio.

OK, now that the public service announcement has been taken care of let’s deal with this game. Watching the game (or if you didn’t heed my warning and watched them above) you’d agree with my assessment that there was only 1 legitimate goal scored tonight by either team. Marian Gaboriks laserbeam shot top corner post, in, and out was a shot no goalie in this league will stop. Vaneks goal was borderline, but when you get that much of the puck, and you react as quickly, and correctly as Biron did, you expect that save to be made. Ryan Callahans goal was just awful, as were both of Hagelins goals. So, in reality the Rangers didn’t really play a 4-1 game. They really played a 1-1 or 1-0 game tonight. Luckily, our goalie was spot on other for his 1, questionable goal. Enroth however was just awful. It wasn’t even the goals he gave up, simple saves were hard for him, rebounds were going into prime real estate on shots 99% of the goalies out there freeze easily. Tonight was certainly a case of playing against a goalie having an off night. We had that earlier this season, but that game was a loss (first game against Toronto) so it was good to come out of this one with 2 points.

Smart coaching by Torts in this one. After Gabby made a piss poor decision with the puck, trapping his entire line behind the play, and then half-assed it back, all of us would have benched him. But Torts was smart. He benched him for a period, and in the 3rd he was right back out there. Send the message, but don’t beat the guy down. Gabby carried this team in the 3rd. He was easily the Rangers best forward in the final, and most important period.

That’s all for now. Exhausted!

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