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You must have seen this coming a mile away. I mean, as soon as I saw the schedule with us playing against Montreal, in Montreal, I knew this was where our winning streak would end. No questions, just a stated fact. We would lose this game. We will lose the next game in Montreal. And the one after that. And the one after that. And so on. Did I just start 3 consecutive sentences with the word “and”? Yikes!

But seriously folks, we were always going to lose this game. The Rangers can not play in Montreal. 4-0, 17-1, 3-2, it didn’t matter. There was no way we would win. The ghosts that haunt that building are simply too much for the Rangers to handle. Why? I have no idea. I think it probably is much the way I think in that the Rangers themselves know they can’t win there, so when they get there, they play to what they expect, terrible. It’s all about confidence, and as a fan I have none in this team when it comes to against the Habs in their building. Zero. I think the Rangers have a better chance of winning 7 games in a row in Joe Louis Arena, than winning 2 in a row in the Bell Centre. Yes, I am serious.

Regarding this game, the Rangers just didn’t generate any offense. Not sure what the final shot total ended up being, I thought it was somewhere around 17 or 19 or something, but whatever it was, there weren’t very many quality chances. Dubinsky had a chance but he missed his shot, and if memory serves right, it ended up in a goal a few minutes later. While Montreal was putting quality chance after quality chance up, showing impressive puck movement and patience with the puck, the Rangers were kept to the outside during their few moments of offensive zone pressure, with the quality areas of the ice guarded doggedly by all 5 Montreal players. This was the easiest shutout Carey Price will ever have to get in his career.

But, it happens. I don’t care. I was expecting a loss, and it happened. The Rangers will get back to work against the Cats on Wednesday night, and they can get things rolling again from there. By the way, I’m not sure if the rest VS rust argument isn’t at least partially to blame for this loss as well. When you are playing well, you want to play every other night. You want to keep on rolling. Given a few days off, and things that were clicking on all cylinders can come screeching to a halt.

Nothing to worry about though, the Rangers are still a damn good team. We’ll be back to our winning ways sooner rather than later.

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