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You want to blame the refs. But you can’t blame the refs. You need to blame the refs. But you can’t blame the refs. Every fiber of your being is telling you that the refs are to blame for this loss. But you can’t blame the refs. Why? Because only 1 of the calls against the Rangers was not legit. That was the Brian Boyle call. So while that may have been a bad call leading to a goal, the other 6, count em, 6 penalties the Rangers took over and above that call had as much to do, if not more to do with us losing than that 1 bad call.

Every time the Rangers gained some momentum, every time they strung two or three good shifts in a row together, what happened? They took a penalty. What happened from there? Either the Isles would score, or it would put the Rangers in a position of having to swing the momentum back their way after having lost it due to taking a penalty. They would do it. Slowly swing the game back there way, and then. Wham. Penalty.

It’s sheer and utter stupidity. Ryan Callahan was as much to blame as anyone for the penalties. Both of his penalties were reckless and unnecessary. He collided with the other teams goalie, basically untouched (a little contact near his feet, but not much). Despite MSG network going crazy trying to get you to believe it was a bogus call, I firmly believe that it was the right call, and frankly it was an obvious, blatant penalty. His other penalty, a boarding call, was textbook. You see the numbers, you don’t finish your check. He didn’t abide by that rule, and got burned for it.

On the plus side, Henrik Lundqvist was his usual brilliant self, keeping the dimwitted blueshirts in a game that they really didn’t deserve to be in. The top line of Richards centering Gaborik and Stepan (why did it take 3 games to try this obvious trio together?!) was brilliant, except, the damn team kept taking penalties!

After the game it appears MZA was sent down, which wasn’t surprising as he has been a complete and utter failure during these 3 games. I haven’t even noticed he was out there half the time. He’s not doing anything offensively, which makes him a waste of a roster spot. Looks like the Rangers called up Newbury, who at least can play a physical, 4th line, checking type game.

Rangers need to fix the ship quickly, and it starts upstairs. If you play stupid, you lose. They need to start playing a hell of a lot smarter.


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