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Well, it couldn’t get much worse than the performance against the Kings right? Opening day jitters right? If that’s the case, then what in holy hell happened tonight against the Ducks? If it wasn’t for Henrik Lundqvist the Rangers would have been utterly embarrassed out there today. In a terrible display of emotionless, stupid hockey, the Rangers almost single handedly force-fed the Ducks 2 points. Taking stupid penalties? Check. Lazy and uninspired play on the Power Play? Check. No effort whatsoever in playing the forechecking game we were known for all of last year? Check.

I sure as hell hope Torts is tearing into the team even as I type this…almost 9 hours later. That’s how effing disgusted I was while watching that shit-show performance. Where was the heart? Where was the passion? The captain did his damndest to lead this team by example, showing the heart and emotion we expect to see from Captain Cally, but what about the rest of these guys? Sure, Brad Richards scored a pretty goal, but by and large he was AWFUL tonight. He didn’t do a damn thing, the Power Play was his baby, and it sure looks like some freak deformed man-bear-pig looking creature right now. They can’t seem to enter the zone, they can’t seem to keep the puck in the zone, their puck movement is laughably slow and predictable. There is just nothing working right now.

While the Rangers D is clearly missing Marc Staal, they did play fairly decent out there, give then complete and utter lack of help they got by their forwards in sustaining some pressure in the Ducks zone.

Now of course, some credit has to go to the Ducks. They have a hell of a team out there. But it wasn’t like it was the Getzlaf line that was destroying us. It was all their lines…for shift after shift after shift. And then they would take a penalty against us with no fear whatsoever of losing the game because of it.

Rangers need to work on their power play. They need to start playing with some balls…some jam….some…whatever the hell you want to call it. Because if they don’t this could easily turn into a lost season. Every game is frikkin important. You have to bring your hard hat to work every game. Go out there and work your ass off, because at the end of the season, you may find yourself on the outside looking in, by 1 point. We’ve seen it now, both ways, for 2 seasons in a row.


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