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The Power Play? Pathetic. The Offense? Pathetic. The Defense? Pathetic. The Puck Pursuit? Pathetic. The Goaltending? Pathetic. Worst of all, The Effort Level? F!&*ING PATHETIC!!!

This was a disgraceful performance by the Rangers. All that crap at the end was meaningless. As of a few fights will nullify a team simply not showing up in a game they absolutely 100% HAD to have. Now the Rangers have to hope the Canes lose against the Caps in order to maintain their tenuous hold onto the last playoff spot. I tell you, if the Rangers miss the playoffs, this will be the game you point squarely to as the reason why. Not the one against the Panthers, not the one against the Senators, not the one against the Sabres…This one right here. It was a gutless, pathetic effort and it was right on through the lineup. Ryan Callahan, no show. Brandon Dubinsky looked like he belonged in the ECHL. Marian Gaborik looked like something you step in after your neighbor walks their dog.

I’ve been upset before at the Rangers play, but I try to keep an even keel. I almost pride myself on not flipping out when the Rangers lose a few, and to not go over the top with praise when they win (though I’ve been guilty of this moreso this year because of the effort level 99% of the time). But tonight? No sir, not when you have that kind of a showing in a game you effing have to bank.

I don’t blame Torts for not wanting to address anything tonight, because I’m sure he is a lot like me right now, ready to rip someones head off at the slightest provocation. I’m just lucky I watched this game on DVR after I finished up my day, because if I watched this garbage live, I might be having one pissed off girlfriend right now.

That’s it, I’m done for today before my blood pressure gets into whatever the hell is above the red.

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