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The NHL today is fairly predictable in that, generally speaking, the teams with the best power plays, and the best penalty kills win the most games. Take a look at the stats and it all plays out pretty much as you would expect. Power plays win games. It’s no surprise that when a team scored 4 goals on specialty teams, they win a game. Tonight, as expected, the Rangers did just that.

With that said, it wasn’t as though the Rangers dominated with their play, really the Islanders goaltending was pretty putrid for most of the night. Former Rangers first round draft pick Al Montoya looked every bit the bust he was with this organization giving up 5 goals through 2 periods of play. Their backup, a goalie I’ve never even heard of, didn’t fare much better giving up a pretty lousy goal to Marian Gaborik. Speaking of Gaborik, I thought he played a pretty superb game. Actually the 2 goals he scored weren’t really great plays, as both goals probably should have been stopped. Gabby had a breakaway, and a doorstep chance that he should have finished instead so really 2 goals is what he should have scored, just not on those 2 shots. Funny how things have a way of working themselves out.

The bad luck continues? The Rangers once again have deflected pucks go into their net, and once again hit multiple posts. Luckily we were able to work past those things, but it’s almost getting to the point where I wonder just how many posts the Rangers have hit this season. One would think it would be way up there in terms of posts hit overall compared to the rest of the NHL if not being first outright. We definitely seem to hit 2 to 3 times as many posts as we get back our way if not more.

Welcome back Sean Avery, now get the hell out. What a miserable game The Grate One played tonight. Generating next to nothing in the offensive zone, turning the puck over with stupid passes, and taking 3 idiotic penalties. Sean is on his game when he is getting players to take penalties on him, NOT when he is taking penalties. He cost the Rangers a cruise control win with his stupid penalty in the 3rd, and you could see Torts going, “jeez Sean, do you just not want to play ever again?”. Personally speaking, I think Wolski is far more valuable to the team at this juncture, and I would have no problem whatsoever with Sean sitting the rest of the season (barring injury). That’s all for now. These were 2 huge points and I’m glad the Rangers were able to get them. Just win baby.

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