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Grinding it out. That’s the 3 words Torts uses more than any others. We have to grind out wins. We have to leave every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that we have on the ice for every single game. That’s what it takes for this injury devastated team to cling to their playoff spot. And grinding it out is exactly what they did. The Rangers went out there and won one with their cajones. I loved tonights game. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fancy. What it was, was dirty, nasty, grimy. It was Rangers hockey. As the Rangers get healthier, they may be able to skill it up a bit more while maintaining their philosophy of grinding it out. But as we get more and more injured, we have to get dirtier and dirtier in terms of the way we play.


During the telecast the announcers discussed how the Rangers have put forth a team their fans can really be proud of. You took the words right out of my mouth (fingers?) gentleman. The Rangers play the way you would want them to play. Hard. You seldom see them outworked. Sure, you see them outclassed by some superbly talented teams, but seldom have they been outworked.

HUGE kudos to Marc Staal tonight. Without his running mate Staal played a ginormous game, shutting down one of the best players in the universe with a damn near flawless individual defensive effort. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you may have noticed the Caps trying to run plays away from Staal. The Great 8 a few times cut away from Staals side to go after Michael Sauer, who, like his draft year buddy, played an outstanding game as well.

I can’t wait for this team to get healthy, because as we do, we should maintain the same level of guts, while gaining significant skill.

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