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I was getting a little annoyed at the Rangers ugly record at home following tonight’s loss against the slew-footing Penguins, and wanted to dig a little deeper, so I did a tiny bit of research. Here are some numbers for ya.

Number of Rangers Games VS Playoff Teams at Home: 7
Number of Rangers Games VS Non-Playoff Teams at Home: 6

Number of Rangers Games VS Playoff Teams on the Road: 5
Number of Rangers Games VS Non-Playoff Teams on the Road: 8

Rangers record VS Playoff Teams: 3-9-0
Rangers record VS Non-Playoff Teams: 11-2-1

Percentage of Points Won at Home: 42%
Percentage of Points Won on the Road: 69%

So, what do we take away from this? The Rangers are a team that beats up on the crap teams, and get beat up by the better teams. But why is that? I think it’s fairly simple. The crap teams either have a lot of talent and don’t play hard (See NJ Devils), or have a great work ethic but have zero talent (See Florida Panthers). The Rangers have an OK amount of talent, and work really really hard. So they can overcome the lazy teams with their hard work, and they can overcome the zero talent teams with their (barely) better talent. However the better teams, your Washingtons, your Pittsburghs, your Philadelphias…they have talent AND work ethic. And when mediocre talent + work ethic plays against superior talent + work ethic, the superior talent will win out…well, 9 out of 12 times I guess. That’s what happened tonight. We played a team that is more talented than us, and that works just as hard as we do. Result? 3-1 loss. This game should not be a surprise to anyone. The Rangers don’t match up against the top teams in the East, West, or in any league. They get by on work ethic, and against teams that work hard and can throw out that kind of firepower, we just don’t stand a chance.

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