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Its 5am here so you know I’m tired. Usually when I have to watch a game after being out late I fast forward past everything except the action (ie commercials, intermission stuff, timeouts, etc) and never watch the post game show. Tonight though, despite the extreme late time, I decided to watch it. Only because I wanted to hear John Tortorella tear the refs a new one. Sadly Torts decided to hold his tongue (I prefer the douchebag Torts to this new, kindler, gentler Torts, but he’s still a great coach) and I was left out in the dark on his thoughts.

But you don’t have to worry about me, I will tell you exactly what I think about the refs, and that is tonight was an absolute disgrace. There is nothing else you can say. We won the game, and the entire time all I could do was notice how godawful the reffing was. Malkin holds Callahan, Cally gets the penalty. Malkin elbows Girardi in the face, no call. Crosby crosschecks Staal, Staal goes to the box. It was all night, and it was consistent. I am sure the conspiracy nuts are going to be all about how the refs are in the Penguins pockets, and it’s tough not to agree with them. Look, the fact of the matter is, more skilled players, and teams that control the puck for long periods of time, will get penalty calls. It’s the nature of the game. The Rangers frankly deserved to be short handed more than the Penguins. But 6-0? Are you frikkin kidding me? 4-2? Yeah, I could live with that, probably a fair representation of the actual penalties that took place. 6-0 though is nothing short of criminal.

I don’t cheer or even get super excited when the Rangers score a goal, even a game winner usually doesn’t get my heart pumping or get me out of my chair. But tonight I felt like we won the Stanley Cup, because when we scored the game winner, it felt like a giant F-U to the NHL, the Penguins, and the Refs.

Ok, time to hit the sack. When you get a chance though, check out this post from the HFBoards…a really interesting read.

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