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Yet again the Rangers were screwed by the reffing. A goal they scored was waived off, a goal that the Sabres scored should not have counted as Biron had at least as much control of the puck as Conklin did when we scored against him in St. Louis and it was waived off. I find myself extremely angry that this continues to happen. The Rangers can not continue to have this kind of reffing go against them. It has already cost us a few points, almost cost us a point today, and if it continues could cost us a playoff spot.

The long and the short of is it this. This Rangers team isn’t talented. We don’t have the talent to go toe to toe with most teams, so we have to out work them. OK, fine. But now, we outwork the opposition, and we also have to deal with ridiculously one sided reffing. We just aren’t good enough, and there just isnt a level of hard work that is high enough that will overcome that. Sure, maybe a team like the Red Wings, or the Penguins or the Caps can overcome shoddy reffing, but this team can not. So it warrants getting extremely upset about it.

You have to feel great about Artem Anisimov scoring 2 goals, including the game winner. The dynamic Russian forward has been a bit snakebitten including missing a wide open net in St. Louis, but has played some truly excellent 2-way hockey and most definitely deserved a goal. I think that Dave Maloney is right about one thing. Eventually AA will be centering Marian Gaborik, this kid is the real deal. I foresee 30/30 seasons from the kid playing selke level defense.

That’s all, I’m so furious right now about the reffing tonight that I can barely process what I am thinking.

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