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There were things within the Rangers realm of control where they utterly failed. They were unable to get any traffic in front of Bobrovski and had almost no low slot presence all night long. That has been their money area all season. They work the puck down low, find the guy in the low or high slot for a shot and crash the net looking for the garbage. Tonight, no presence there whatsoever. The Rangers penalty killers also did a poor job or containing their slot, as the Flyers ran amok through Henriks crease all night long. Finally Henrik Lundqvist gave up a miserably soft goal.

Those are things the Rangers can, and should control. However the reffing tonight was something beyond their control, and while ultimately I feel the would have lost even if the reffing was good, it has to be mentioned just how disgusting the reffing was tonight. I knew this game was lost when Timmonen boards Cally and gets no call, while Boogaard gets 2 minutes for one of the lightest slashes in the history of the game. There simply is no excuse for the reffing tonight. Philly got away with murder out there, Carcillo going for the blindside headshot (that should be reviewed by the NHL in my opinion, he was clearly going for the head there), Shelley with the punch to the back of the head, all go unpenalized. I actually felt the refs did a pretty fair job in calling the penalties on the Rangers. Outside of the Boogaard call, the rest were deserved. But Hartnell hooking Del Zotto a foot in front of the ref going uncalled with the puck ending up in the back of the net 2 seconds later. Thats awful. Ryan Callahan getting dumped with a hit from behind while the puck was clearly under the Philly player right in front of the ref…somehow that goes uncalled.

The list goes on and on. When the refs set the tone that one team is being judged based on a different set of rules than the other, then it gets damn hard to win. Again, I felt we would have lost no matter what, but the horrendous reffing still left me with a nasty taste in my mouth.

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