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There were many people who felt that after the Rangers had the preseason that they did, and after the sort of manhandled the Sabres (But not really), the Rangers were going to be a heck of a team, a Stanley Cup Contender, yadda yadda yadda. Now? Not so much.

When you lose to a team of AHL’ers, it really hurts. When you give up 6 goals to a group of AHL’ers…it’s a slap in the face. Let’s face it, the Rangers were outplayed for a lot of this game. They had no answer for the Islanders hard forecheck whatsoever. The Rangers defenseman were absolutely horrendous when faced with any kind of pressure whatsoever. Eminger alone made me want to puke with the way he handled pressure. None of the guys seemed to be able to take the puck and make a quick pass up and out of the zone, everything was back to the other defenseman, or a turnover. Sure, we had some leads and we scored some goals, but this was against an AHL squad people, we should have manhandled them. Instead we let them walk all over us. This is the thing that really scared me, that once the Rangers started to feel they could do whatever they wanted thanks to some very fortunate play up till this point, they would get a nice dose of reality to bring em back down to earth. Once again though, the key here is to not get too up, and not get too down. Stay even keeled and play hard for 60 minutes. Play smart for 60 minutes, and don’t be surprised when we go through some growing pains like we did tonight. Young players will make mistakes, and we do have a very young team.

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