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Wanted to live blog this, the Draft is definitely one of my 5 most favorite moments of the year. Read this thread from top to bottom.

My guess right now is the Rangers take Tarasenko. But I want them to trade up and grab Connolly if he is still there at around 7. This will be a defining moment for the Ranges. Highest draft pick they’ve had since they took Al Montoya.


-Whoa….Oilers trying to get the top 2 picks? Wow….That would be a coup-de-tat.

-Id be pretty surprised if it wasn’t Hall here…

-And its Taylor. No surprise there.

-I wish the Rangers could grab this pick…Tyler Seguin would be a franchise player to build around. We could have our cake and eat it too.

-Tyler Seguin is fairly obvious here.

-Now things get interesting. My guess is Gudbranson is next.

-Florida and Vancouver make a trade. Vancouvers D gets a big boost with Ballard…though Luongo should make sure to keep his head up for inadvertent sticks to the back of the head.

-Gudbranson…good pick here.

-Columbus is up next, they probably go with Fowler here.

-Wow. Johansen. Thats a bit off the board. Though there goes my 3rd best choice for the Rangers.

-Come on Connolly, keep on falling!!!!

-Alyssa Milano….hellllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooo

-I would LOVE if the Isles took Granlund here…that means Connolly might fall all the way to us…

-El Nino here….very early. Wow, Gormley and Fowler still on the table..this is shocking.

-Please do not take Connolly….PLEASE….


-Well, of the players I want, numbers 1, and 3 are gone. Burmistrov is still there. Though to be fair, I had no idea Fowler or Gormley would freefall like this.

-This will be interesting…

-WOW….Skinner….totally off the board. That means theres a chance that one of Fowler or Gormley will be there for us…this is unbelievable.

-Rangers should trade down. They can get a stud at 12-14 still…

-Wow….There goes my boy Burmistrov. Holy crap.

-Minnesota up, this could be interesting. How do they pass on Fowler or Gormley.

-Fowler, Gormley, And Tarasenko still on the board. TRADE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Honestly, thinking about it, this would be a great time to trade up to 13 while keeping our pick at 10. We could end up with Fowler AND Tarasenko, which would be a GRAND SLAM for the Rangers.

-This is crazy…im so nervous.

-WHAT THE HELL>!>!>!>!>!

-I want to kill myself.

-Mcilrath over Fowler and Gormley…are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!

-Why am I still a Ranger fan after all these years? Seriously? I don’t get this. They always let me down. GOD DAMN IT.

-Campbell at 11, Tarasenko, Gormley, Fowler, and Forbort all on the board still. This is just incredible.

-Rangers need to try to swing a deal. Girardi for a draft pick, and then pick up one of those 4 players who are freefalling.

-Cam Fowler, I have no idea how he slid that far.

-I knew things were going too well in my life. Somehow something needs to go wrong to even it out.

-My head is spinning…I think I might have a stroke. I just don’t know what the hell the Rangers were thinking.

-I love JD…miss him so much….we could really use him right now. *sigh*

-Wow…Schwartz….a pretty big reach, especially with guys like Forbort, Watson, Tarasenko, Etem, etc on the board.

-Our first trade of the day…let’s see who goes where.

-Kings move up, probably to grab Forbort, kid is going to be a stud defenseman.

-Not a shock, Rangers should have taken Forbort instead of Mcilrath if they werent taking Gormley or Fowler…WTF was Gordie thinking?!!?!?!?

-St. Louis moves up to make a pick…my thinking is its Watson here…though Tarasenko could be a possibility.

-Tarasenko is gone. Idiot Rangers..IDIOTS.

-Barring something major happening with the Rangers, I’m done for today. I need to have some tylenol and get some rest. FML.

-This may or may not have been a bad pick, none of us know that, what we do know is that this was an off the board pick with tremendous talent still there. He could be Jessiman, or he could be Chris Kreider who not many people were high on. The problem here is the Rangers havent “Reached” for a pick in a long long while. They didnt bypass anyone glaringly obvious for many many years now. IF this was the guy all along, If Gordie wanted this guy, then Sather needs to properly utilize his assets and get another pick by moving down. Is it possible he could have been gone? sure, but, with the players that were still on the board the Ranges could STILL have gotten a superb player way above slot, AND could have gotten a 2nd or 3rd. Rangers pissed away a great opportunity to have their cake and eat it too.

-Thats it. Ive got a wedding to go to tomorrow, so I’ll analyze everything in a few days.

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