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As I am sure you heard from Joe Micheletti countless times today, none of the schedule stuff matters unless you win your games. Tonight though, we really didn’t win this game. You get the feeling the Rangers could have won if they simply did not show up, because the Lightning would somehow still end up putting more pucks in their own net than in the oppositions.

Tonights game really was an example of how it could always be worse. We bitch and moan a lot in Rangerland about how horrible we have it….1 championship in however many years. But still, look at the Lightning. Stamkos, Lecavalier, St. Louis, Malone, Hedman, Tanguay, Meszaros, Hedman…and they still are absolutely one of the worst teams in the NHL seemingly every year. It is almost unfathomable how a team with that much talent can suck so bad. I get that their goaltending isn’t exactly strong, and I get that their D, outside of Ranger, Meszaros and Hedman is pretty terrible. I also get that they have some injuries here and there. But still, outside of goaltending, you’d be pretty hard pressed to say the Rangers are a more talented team than the Lightning. Still though, on most nights the Lightning play well below their potential, and tonight, the Lightning were almost comical in their ineptness. They literally put more pucks in their own net than the Rangers did. Seriously, when was the last time you saw that many own-goals in 1 game? I honestly can’t remember ever seeing something like that. It was almost like they wanted to lose or something.

On the Rangers end of things, it’s tough to say they played a really good game, or a really bad game. With the opposition playing hockey to the theme song of Benny Hill, it can get touch to differentiate between opponent stupidity, and Ranger brilliance. Let’s just call this one a mulligan. I can’t really tell you what we did, and did not do well because of the lack of opposition. It was almost like both teams wanted to attack the Lightning net, so it’s real tough to separate the 2 teams.

The Rangers are now only 2 points out of the playoffs, with games in hand on 2 of the 3 teams they are chasing, and with 2 games against the Flyers, and with the easiest schedule of the 5 teams fighting for those 3 spots. But, let’s not forget, these are the Rangers we are talking about. Expecting anything from them is an exercise in futility. Let’s just see how this plays out.

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