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When this season is (mercifully) over, we are going to look back and think of all those lost moments. All those games the Rangers could have, and should have won, but didn’t. All those games where a bounce here, a save there, etc, would have been the difference between a win and a loss. And how all of those games added together could have meant so much more than the shitshow we have seen for the bulk of the season. Sadly, tonight was another example of just that. Henrik Lundqvist gave up 2 horrendous goals to give away a game tonight. Let’s just get that out of the way. He was strong for the bulk of the game, he made some great saves, but the game tying goal was disgusting to watch, and the game winning goal was pretty effing horrible too. It’s tough to not crucify Henrik, but I won’t. I know what he means to this team, he saves their asses more nights than not, so let’s just ignore his performance tonight. Truth be told we could have been much worse. We played a pretty good game, we seemed to try hard, but what we seemed to do a lot of was make foolish mistakes. Gaborik going for the outside guy instead of the inside guy being a shining example of it.

It’s how this season has gone. It’s why I really don’t believe we will make the playoffs, and even if we miraculously do, I think we will be swept out of the first round. Sometimes, you just gotta look back on this season and shake your head. And you don’t even have to look much farther than tonight.

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