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Amid the slew of negativity flowing around Ranger land, let me just add this. We are continuing to get points, and keep games very close against teams WAY ahead of us in the standings. That’s about as much as you can ask for. Rangers weren’t going to come into this stretch and dominate, but they needed to pick up points, and with tonights point, they are still right in the thick of it.

Problem with tonights game was the lack of quality chances, Rangers had maybe 5 or 6. That’s not near enough, you want to hit double digits every night, but these days the Rangers are happy with 7 or 8.

The goalies were both outstanding, as you would expect considering who was in net, so it’s tough to put the puck in the net, but you need to at least put yourself in the position to do so, and while I think I have made my undying support for Torts perfectly clear, I still think he is majorly screwing the pooch with his incessant line changing. Enough Torts. You’ve had the same lineup more or less, for the entire season. There hasn’t been a rash of injuries, not a huge amount of turnover…you should know what you have by now. You should know who plays well with whom. You should do what pairs work, and what pairs don’t. I’m all for riding the hot hand, but you don’t mix and match lines from the drop of the puck till the final buzzer, all you do is hinder chemistry and possible scoring chances. I love Torts, but right now he is not giving his team a good chance to win with these stupid line changes of his.

It should also be pointed out that Brandon Dubinsky scored his goal crashing the net as the team has now adopted an Umbrella style power play. Personally, this has always been my favorite way to run a power play, it spreads the defense out, and it give you a lot of places to create movement for, while attacking the front of the net. The basic principal is to keep 2 men near the net, and have them converge on the net as the shot is taken, no matter where it is taken. The other 3 skaters skate around and try to find a lane to shoot at. It is simple, it is basic, and it gets the job done, particularly when you don’t have a set person to take the shot on the Power Play.

Finally, it seems the Fire Sather march went on rather well. Somewhere around 200 people showed up, a little low, but about what I was expecting. Great to hear they did their duty and showed up. Would have been nice if the number was closer to 500-1000 though. Hopefully Dolan was made aware of it.

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