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Rangers did nothing today, which is probably why my source had nothing to share with me. My thoughts? It’s better to make no moves than the wrong moves. Would have been nice if the Rangers could have dumped Redden or Drury, but it was highly unlikely. The fact of the matter is, the Rangers are in the position to make the playoffs, and things dont all have to fall perfectly into place for it to happen. Once you are in, anything can happen, especially with a world class goalie, and a world class sniper (assuming hes healthy). There was pretty much nothing of value traded sans Torres or Wolski that I would have wanted on this team. The Rangers made their big splash when they got Jokinen and Prust, that was their deal. If that deal happened today instead of a few weeks ago, people would have been jumping for joy at what a frikkin steal we made and how we were definitely one of the deadline winners. Instead everyone is moaning and crying that we did nothing. Wise up people, we most definitely have a legit shot at being in the playoffs. We improved our team unquestionably more than the teams we are directly competing against for those spots with the Jokinen trade, and we did not give up a single asset in the process that one would be even remotely unhappy with giving up. We got better, we have a chance to make the playoffs, and we didn’t give up any assets, thats a big ole win in my book.


Here are some posts I wrote on the HFBoards that I thought were worth sharing here…

He’s (Gaborik) been more or less the picture of health with us till he got hurt in a freak accident, which caused him to alter his skating stride which caused him to hurt his groin, and everyone expects him back in the next game or 2.

The Rangers have also gone the entire season with just about everyone underachieving at the same time.

Drury, a guy you can usually count on for 20-25 goals, had something like 3 or 4 goals at the midway point in the season. Callahan was ice cold, Dubinsky was out, and not playing all that well. Kotalik and Higgins were absolute BOMBS in terms of what they did here. Rozsival wasn’t putting up points to save his life, etc.

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that a few of these guys, in conjunction with Jokinen, might get hot, or at least start performing like they should?

It’s just the law of averages…it’s the same thing with Boston last year, they had almost EVERYTHING go right for them for the bulk of the season, then they lost their mojo in the playoffs and lost to the #6 seeded Hurricanes, and this season they have been coming back down to where they should be.

There are always outliers in every season, right now our performance is definitely a negative outlier, way too many players are or were performing well below their career averages, if a market correction occurs, and they start to produce back at the levels they should, then we have basically
Marian Gabork, Henrik Lundqvist, and.
1 25+ goal scorer in Jokinen
3 20+ goal scorers in Drury, Callahan and Prospal

and what should be several 15+ goal scorers in Anisimov, Avery, Dubinsky, etc

Everyone went ice cold at the same time and it absolutely murdered us, i’m sorry, but as a guy who believe in statistics, over the long run, some of the guys are going to heat up, i’m banking on that happening now.

This team has beaten Ottawa, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Colorado, and Tampa in their last 9 games…the other 4 games were all 1 goal losses to Washington, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

We’re only 4 bad or lucky bounces away from being on a 9 game winning streak against some of the best teams in the NHL.

I think Sather did an excellent job of having his cake, and eating it too. He’s gotten us to the point where we have a damn good shot of making the playoffs, potentially enough talent to make something happen, especially with bringing in Jokinen, and even if things dont go right, we still have all our prospects and young kids in hand, and have some contracts coming off the books next year.

I’m happy.

As far as I know, the Rangers have gotten younger pretty much every year for the past several years since the lockout, they have also maintained a fairly high ranking in terms of prospects (though most of our best ones right now are still a few years away), and have made the playoffs every year during that time. They also will likely go after Ilya Kovalchuk this offseason with everything they can, and if they get him, will have 3 superstars to build around, and some very damn good young talent to put around them…and with contracts like Drury and Rozsival expiring in 2 years, they will also have the funds to retain their own players.

Things are heading in the right direction, granted a lot of it depends on
1)Signing Kovalchuk
2)Getting rid of Wade Redden.

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