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It’s getting such that I need to take some Advil before watching a Rangers game nowadays, because by the end of the game I almost always have a skull splitting headache. Just watching this team give up breakaways with alarming consistency, or watching them play dominating hockey for 10 minute spans but do jack shit all else for the rest of the game is enough to drive any sane person to the nearest remote control. But sadly, I, like you, am compelled to continue watching this garbage display of hockey night in and night out.

I know the knee-jerk reaction to this game is to blame MDZ, or to blame Rozsival, or Callahan, or the hockey gods, or Torts, or whoever your fancy is. But I don’t want to do that. I’m getting tired of the blame game. A team that has to fault 1 or 2 different guys night in and night out is just plain and simple not good enough to compete. I mean, seriously, even with Gaborik in the lineup, do you think we deserved to win this game? Sure, it is entirely possible that with Gabby there, we actually score enough to win, but we didn’t play well enough to deserve the 2 points. Our goalie did, but that’s about it. Once you get past Henrik Lundqvist and Marian Gaborik, you get to a team filled with underachievers, or kids who haven’t yet mastered the NHL game. You can’t have a team with guys like Anisimov, MDZ, Gilroy, Callahan, Dubinsky, etc as all young guys on the team, and not have some guys around them that can help lead the way. But that’s the team we have. A team expected to be led by the vets, but who are being anchored down by the vets. A team that should have several 20 goal scorers, but who have only 2 or 3 at most. A team that has a guy like Enver Lisin, who might be the single dumbest hockey player I have ever seen, playing big time minutes. This is a team that just needs a wakeup call of monumental proportions. I am not talking about selling the farm for a quick fix, I am talking about a captain leading them to victory. I am talking about a defenseman getting paid 5+ million dollars actually putting up a point in a game. I am talking about leadership. Where is the damn leadership? Anyone know the answer?

I need an Advil.

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