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Considering that Jokinen had just played the night before for a different sweater in a different system with a different coach, I thought he played well. Considering the Rangers, one of the coldest teams in the NHL went into Los Angeles against one of the hottest teams in the league, and were 2 goal posts away from coming up with a win, you can’t feel all that upset about the game. Really this game came down to 1 boneheaded move by the coach which cost the team 2 points.

On the Rangers power play in the second period, Torts decided to use 5 forwards on at the same time. I don’t know about you but I was absolutely shocked and disgusted at that move. I’m sorry, in a 0-0 road game you should never, ever do something retarded like that. Maybe if the game was at home, and you felt confident about your power play you can give it a shot. But with one of the leagues worst power plays, that has been absolutely putrid the past several weeks, you can not make that move. It was foolish of Torts to do so, and really marred what was a pretty good game for the Rangers.

Sure, Jokinen could have played that better, but the onus was on the coach to make the smart play and put Gilroy or Rozsival on at the other point. That was a boneheaded move.

Speaking of Rozsival, I must admit, that might have been the best game he has played in his entire career. If you watched it you saw a downright dominating performance by the beleaguered czech defenseman. Paired with Staal the 2 were absolutely dynamic in their own zone. They didn’t give up much, and when they did Henrik was there to bail them out. On the flip side of things, I thought Matt Gilroy has looked pretty poor for quite a while now. Not only is he providing absolutely NOTHING offensively, but he is so weak on the boards, and in 1 on 1 battles that you can’t see how he will ever be an effective defenseman at this level. Honestly, if the Thrashers could be convinced to let Kovalchuk go for a package with Gilroy in it, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Expect the next game to be somewhat brutal. Rangers are coming home, where they have been terrible, against the, now winners of 11 games in a row, Washington Capitals. Yikes, this one has all the makings of a massacre. Boy would I love to be proven wrong.

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