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I think the Rangers should just stop going to Montreal. Whenever that game comes up on the schedule we should just waive the white flag, throw in the towel, etc, because we can’t do jack shit in this building. It’s gone on for years now. Take a 5 goal lead into the 3rd, lose the game. Go up by a few goal, they storm back to win it in OT. Tonights game was nothing short of a pathetic effort by the defense of this team. Yes, we were again shut out for something like the 40th time in the last 42 games…but to me it was the play of the horrendous defense, headlined by Dan Girardi and Michal Rozsival that really hurt this team. The forwards were so busy trying to collapse into the slot because of how horrible the coverage was that they didnt have the chance to play up the ice. Now don’t get me wrong, the puck pursuit, and hunger to win battles was downright pathetic, but to me it all starts with how you play in front of your own net, and Girardi and Rozsival basically giftwrapped tonights game for the Habs.

Is it time to panic? No. Games like this happen, while it seems to be happening with alarming consistency for these Rangers, they are still right in the thick of the playoff race. Let’s see how they are in a week shall we? But if a player was to become available, like say, Ilya Kovalchuk, I for one would welcome his acquisition, even if it comes at the expense of Dubinsky or Callahan, or another young stud or 2, because players like Kovalchuk come around once a generation for a team like the Rangers.

I think this year though you also have to acknowledge that..

  • 1)We are a very young team. Going by NHLNumbers (which isnt the most accurate site to be fair) we are the 6th youngest team in the league.
  • 2)Almost all of our Vets (players 30+) (Redden, Rozsival, Drury, Brashear, and Kotalik) are having not just bad, but horrific seasons, with the 1 bright spot being Prospal.
  • It’s really tough to have a young team, where basically none of the vets are playing even remotely good hockey. I’m not necessarily talking about why we arent scoring goals, but why we arent playing good hockey for the vast majority of our games. It’s been rare this season where you can say the Rangers played well but lost. It’s been far more common for them to play Poor< ->OK and win….that’s thanks to our goalie, and our phenomenal sniper.

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