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Not gonna comment much on todays OTL to the Canes except to say that I thought we were the better team, and some unlucky bounces again cost us a point. But I did want to pass this on…

My source touched base with me today…just want to mention, if you don’t like rumors, don’t read this, especially if all you’re going to do is bitch and whine about it…anyways, here’s what I was told..

Just got wind of this.

The Rangers are in deep discussion internally on whether to enter the Kovalchuk sweepstakes or not.

Many within the organization are pointing out that the Heatley trade should have been pulled that Dubinsky does not have the hands or hockey sense to be the 1st line center he has been groomed to be. Plus they are not looking forward to another contract negotiation or arbitration with him or his agent. Anisimov and Stepan are making this decision easier.

The names I am hearing are:

Brandon Dubinsky
Michal Rozsival – yes cap hit to actual dollars is a big factor, well at least MNGMT thinks so.
Ryan McDonaugh/Bobby Sanguinetti- some want Bobby others want Ryan to stay.
Christopher Higgins – going to pitch to Atlanta that lack of pressure in ATL will re-ignite him.
2010 1st Round Selection
2011 1st Round Selection
2011 2nd Round Selection

Redden’s days are numbered in NY and will be sent to Hartford when/if the move is made for Kovalchuk. As for defenseman who will actually play in the lineup you could be looking at something like this:

Staal – Girardi
del Zotto – Colaiacovo
Gilroy – Staios

Just for the record, my source totally called the Drury, Gomez, Anisimov, and Morris deals well before they happened…not always right, but I’ve seen enough stuff come to fruition to trust implicitly.

For the record, IF this came with a window to sign Kovalchuk long term, I would do it, even though the price is exorbitantly high (though I assume not all of those pieces would be necessary.)

But, in say 2 years a lineup of..

Grachev Stepan Gaborik
Kovalchuk Anisimov Callahan
and however you want to put the other 2 lines together with a defense of..

Staal Girardi McDonagh/Sanguinetti MDZ Gilroy and whatever free agents or combinations you make, would be leaps and bounds better than what we have.

For the record, I’m hesitant to give up that much, but IF it’s with the contract extension window…I do it. if not, I’m not interested.

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