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So, you’re the New York Rangers, a team that can’t buy a win to save your life. You have a home game against one of your most bitter rivals. Not only against one of your most bitter rivals, but a team you are directly competing against for a playoff spot. Not only all that, but against a team coming off an ass whooping just last game. So, what do you do? Do you come out guns a blazing, do you build on the superb performance against the Thrashers and pepper the oppositions with shot after shot forcing their goalie to beat you, rather than letting him get a win? No, what the Rangers did was bend over, drop their drawers, and take a pounding. Yes, that’s not a PG statement to make for a blog I try to keep clean, but that’s just how it was. We weren’t just bad, we were lazy, and got outworked in all aspects of the game. Only in the last 90 seconds did the Rangers muster up the kind of effort you would have EXPECTED for the full 60 minutes. That is completely unacceptable. Not in this town, not for an original 6 team, not with a team that is at the maximum cap threshold. If you saw tonights game, you were no doubt disgusted, and it appears coach Tortorella feels the same way after he threw a well deserved tirade during the post game interviews.

If it were me, the first thing that would happen is stripping Chris Drury of his captainship. Captains don’t play like Drury. Captains go out there and win their team games, they play tough in all 3 zones, they score goals, get assists, do whatever it takes to win games, instead Drury simply does nothing. He blocks shots, takes faceoffs, and does shit all else. You don’t give the captaincy of the New York Friggin Rangers to the most overpaid 4th line player in the history of the NHL. Take that C off and give it to the real captain of the Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist. I may be on Henriks case this year, but he is still the only player besides Gaborik who seems to give it his best night in and night out. He gets very little support out there, and I think he is the actual captain of this team regardless. The ‘Nucks did it with Luongo, I say we do it with Lundqvist.

The second thing I would do is march into Glen Sathers office, and demand a firesale. If we’re going to lose, then I want to lose with guys like Redden, Rozsival, Drury, Kotalik, etc off this team. They aren’t long term solutions, and since the short term is so epically screwed, we might as well use those spots to develop our kids.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a huge shakeup on this team.

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