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I’ve always worn the #27, it comes from my love of Alexei Kovalev during his original tenure here as a Ranger before things just went downhill with him here in New York. I love the number, if I had custom license plates, the #27 would surely be in there somewhere. My online screen names usually have the number 27 in them. With all that said, I’ve never been more disgusted to see this number than I am right now. Why am I so disgusted? Because that is where the Rangers rank if the season ended today. 27th in the NHL. Only 3 teams are worse than us, and really the red hot Maple Leafs will likely pass us in the next day or so, and the Philly Flyers who are ice cold at the moment definitely have the talent to go on a long winning streak if they can just put it all together, and finally the Hurricanes, who have been decimated by injuries are going to get healthy sooner or later. So what’s our excuse? I mean, it’s not unfathomable that this team could end up being ranked 29th out of 30 teams within 2 or 3 days. How the hell is that possible? How is it possible for a team to play hard, and lose. For a team to play well, and lose. For a team to score goals, and lose. For a team to only give up a few goals, and lose. When things start going right one way, they go wrong another. They score, Henrik sucks. Henrik plays like a God, they can’t score for their lives. The PP is great, but then it gives up a shorty. They contain guys like Malkin and Crosby, but Rupp scores a hat trick, their D plays great, but their forwards suck. Their forwards play great, but their D sucks. One defenseman is great one night and his partner is awful the same game, and then the next night the partner plays great but the original player is playing like crap. Rangers hit a post and it goes out, opposition hits a post and it goes in. Just nothing is going our way this season, and it’s really tough to put a finger on how this team keeps playing so frustratingly inconsistent. Youth can only be blamed so much, but frankly its the vets that have been the achilles heel of this team.

One has to wonder if the Rangers are prepared to become sellers soon and just go for it and try to nab surefire mega superstar Taylor Hall in next years draft. In order to do that, the Rangers would have to move some pieces, and I’m not sure what team would want to take Wade Redden, Chris Drury or Michal Rozsival right now.

This may be a long season, and an increasingly frustrating one we have going for us. Which is a damn shame, because I truly believe in our coach. If only our General Manager was as good with free agency as he is with prospects and trades. The trades he makes, by and large, end up as good moves for us, and he is almost always unwilling to part with a kid if he has any kind of future here with us. With that said, the guy is an absolute disaster with free agency, and his moves, sans Gaborik and Prospal, are absolutely destroying this franchise. Chris Drury was definitely the worst player on the ice tonight, passes in the feet, shots into the chest, poor defense, poor everything. I’d give away Chris Drury for a Klondike bar right now. Want Rozsival? Give me your worst AHL player and I’ll take him. Want Redden? Got a bag of pucks? Let’s make a deal.

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