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Over the years I’ve heard quite a few coaches say that their team got caught up in watching the other team. Well, tonight was definitely a game where I was caught watching the other team, and how they were going to solve Henrik Lundqvist.

I know a lot of people on the message boards are going to talk about how horrendous the Rangers were, but honestly, all I could focus on was how spectacular the Blackhawks were, and how unbelievable it was that Henrik Lundqvist was able to steal the Rangers a point. I’m honestly not sure if the Rangers played like utter crap or not, because truth be told, the ‘Hawks played such a remarkable game which was the textbook definition of how to overpower an opponent, that I couldn’t really distinguish between bad play and overmatched play. Maybe the truth is, whether the Rangers played their worse game ever, or their best game ever, they had no chance whatsoever in beating the Blackhawks with the way they played. Sure, Henrik Lundqvist miraculously kept this game close, and actually got us a point that I still can’t understand how we got. But the truth of the matter is, the Blackhawks are just a far, far superior team. This game was reminiscent of the first 3 playoff games against the Caps last year, where Lundqvist somehow won us games we had no business winning, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because at least Henrik, for tonight, was an elite goalie once again. Bad, because the rest of the Rangers looked like minor leaguers compared to the super talented Blackhawks.

All in all though, if you told me the Rangers would be in Buffalo, at home against the defending Western Conference Champion Red Wings, and back on the road against arguably the best team in the NHL Blackhawks who are practically unstoppable at home, and managed to pick up 3 points, and were a lucky bounce or 2 away from sweeping all 3 games, I’d be fairly happy. Maybe the game by game results were tough to swallow, but the fact of the matter is, going .500 against those 3 teams is actually an accomplishment, especially for a team struggling to find points as much as we are.

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