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Don’t worry, I will definitely talk about the Rangers win over the Bruins in a bit, but, I am a huge Yankee fan. And the Yankees are just 1, small, measly, tiny, itty, bitty, little win away from bring the Champs for the 5th time in the past 13 years. This win is really personified by 1 thing. Managing. I think Joe Girardi has managed a superb World Series thus far, and I think Charlie Manuel has been absolutely terrible with his decision making. How on Earth do you leave your biggest weapon on the bench with basically a series changing game tonight. Yanks win, and they have a stranglehold on this series and only need 1 more win to bring home the championship. Phillies win (with Lee on the mound) and they’ve got Lee going again in game 7, and only have to win one other game to go back-to-back. Instead the Phils went with Blanton, who by no means was awful, but still wasn’t good enough to leave the game with the lead. The Yanks bullpen imploded again, but they were still able to gut out a win thanks to an absolutely amazing at bat by Damon, a really smart steal of 2nd and 3rd on the same play, and a clutch hit from A-Rod. All told, the Yanks now are 1 win away from a championship…which will be my first championship from any of my teams since the Yanks won last in 2000…almost a full decade ago.

Now. Let’s get back on topic after that short little discussion on beisbol. The Rangers had a pretty huge game this afternoon as they played host to last years beasts of the East. This was a pivotal game for us because of just how poorly we have been playing of late, and because we finally had our big gun, Marian Gaborik back in the lineup. Well, thankfully, the Rangers were able to pull out a 1-0 win on a flukey changeup type goal by the aforementioned Gaborik.

But this wasn’t a bad game offensively by the Rangers by any means, I think they clearly had the better scoring chances, and Tim Thomas was just flat out on his game, making one memorable save on Dubinsky on a rebound chance. The thing that impressed me the most, and gives me the most hope about this game being a precursor to the Rangers perhaps turning their season back around, is that the Rangers WANTED this win. Of late the Rangers have looked like they didn’t want to win as much as the opposition. They didn’t want to fight, to claw, scratch, do whatever it takes to win every battle. Today though, they did. Their battle level and intensity was very high, and while they didn’t light up the lamp, their tenacity makes you think that they are getting much closer to getting back to their goal scoring ways of earlier this year.

Of note was the play of Chris Higgins, who had an absolutely phenomenal game out there in all facets. He was all over the forecheck, the backcheck, the neutral zone, he was in excellent puck support places, and just did all the little things that he was doing earlier in the season that made you not really care about his lack of goals. Keep playing like this Higgy, those goals will come.

Ok, 4:30 AM, time for me to hit the sack. Hopefully the Yanks can close this one out tomorrow! GO YANKEES!!!

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