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After tonights game, I really have a good feeling about this club. Not because they played a particularly great game. When they weren’t taking retarded penalties they had Michal Rozsival there to have stupid turnovers. But what I really was amazed to see last night, was here was a team that had their goalie…the man who has basically carried this sad lot on his shoulders for the past several years give up a bad goal…and they didn’t lose. Just chew on that for a while. When was the last time Henrik Lundqvist gave up, not a mediocre goal, but a horrendous, ugly, awful, disgusting, no excuses whatsoever goal, and the guys in front of him actually bailed him out. Oh, and all this while playing against arguably one of the 5 best teams in the NHL.

Let’s also be clear on one thing here, the Capitals did not play their best game of the season. You don’t see the great eight have the puck on his stick, in the slot, with nobody around him for miles try a backdoor pass very often. 9999 times out of 10,000 this guy is shooting it top corner and its in the back of the net before Lundqvist can even move. The Rangers were very fortunate also that on 2 separate 5 on 3’s they managed to escape unscathed. In many ways they pulled victory from the jaws of defeat….or more accurately tried their damndest to to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory only to fail at it. However they did show a lot of guts in killing off 8 of 9 penalties, and overcoming the previously mentioned horrendous Lundqvist goal.

That’s what has me so amazed, this team overcame so much and won a huge game against an amazing team, on the road, and you can’t really say that this is one they should give back.

A few players did stand out as positives. I feel Ales Kotalik has gotten better every single game this season. He was much more active today, away from the puck, than he was at Pittsburgh. He’s starting to get it and is getting rewarded with some goals. I also felt Artem Anisimov finally do something on the puck. The kid has been absolutely superb away from the puck, but on the puck he looks hesitant, slow, and indecisive. Tonight he looked to actually make plays, and even picked up his first NHL point off a nice 3-way play from Lisin, to Anisimov and finished by Kotalik. I also felt the 5 defenseman not named Rozsival all had outstanding games, particularly Matt Gilroy who showed me a lot more on the boards than in all the previous games combined. Good on him.

Now the big question. Where the hell does Sean Avery play!?!

I guess we’ll find out Sunday.

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