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The Rangers started off with a bang, trading away Scott Gomez in a heist of a trade. Then they signed Marian Gaborik, someone I have been pining for for years now. However the offseason outside of those 2 moves has been borderline horrific. I expected the Callahan re-signing, as well as the sure to come Dubinsky re-signing, so I’m not even going to count those…those are mulligans right there. However outside of that, this offseason has been just putrid. Trading away a defensive stalwart with a tremendous upside in Lauri Korpikoski for a guy who doesn’t even understand the word “defense” without the monstrous offensive totals to counteract the defensive deficiencies borders on the absurd. Why on earth would you make this trade if you are the Rangers? At the very best it is a lateral move, you are trading Lauri who is a sure fire 4th liner, but probably will be a solid 3rd liner for a guy who is either going to be a 2nd liner, but will more likely be waived or traded away in Lisin. I mean, apparently this kid has the typical Russian nonexistant defensive game or all out hustle, so why would you trade for him…especially since we are (apparently) walking away from a significantly more talented offensive and defensive player in Nikolai Zherdev over seemingly half a million bucks…does that make sense to anyone else?

We also go out and sign another 3rd line, 20/20 guy in Kotalik to a 3 mil per year contract, and another 20/20 guy in Higgins to another 2+ million dollar deal. I really don’t understand this. Right now I’m convinced this teams offensive output, as currentily constructed will come out to about 210 goals for the season…again.

I sure hope Sather has another blockbuster deal up his sleeve (Dany Heatley is looking mighty interesting right about now) because this is a 6th-9th seed team as constructed right now AT BEST.

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