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It’s incredibly humbling to really think about this series in a logical manner. Don’t look at who’s winning, don’t really pay attention to the games, just look at the statistics involved. Which team is getting more shots on goal? The Capitals by a wide margin. Which team is limiting the oppositions quality chances? The Capitals, by a wide margin. Which team’s penalty kill has given up the fewer goals? The Capitals once again. Which team’s power play has been effective? The Capitals, again. Which team has had control of the puck in the offensive zone? The Capitals, but at least a 3:1 margin. Which team had the home ice advantage going into the series? The Capitals. Which team was better at home? The Capitals. Which team was the only team in the East to have a negative goal differential coming into the playoffs? The Rangers.

You like at the stats, you examine the game and not look at the result, and all you can think to yourself is….this series should be over. Not only should it be over, but the Capitals should have won every game by at least 3 or 4 goals. This series shouldn’t even be close. I mean, I am sitting here at 2 am and am completely flabbergasted that the Rangers are leading in this series. They have played 1 solid period of John Tortorella hockey THE ENTIRE SERIES…that was tonight during the first period. They have been anywhere from mediocre to terrible the rest of the time. They are making such poor decisions with the puck in the offensive zone it is ridiculous. And while they are definitely trying very hard in the defensive zone, they are conceding all of the ice leading up the defensive zone, a-la Tom Renney, which is leaving them playing defensive hockey the entire friggin night.

But, you have watched the games (probably). You have seen what I have seen. You know what is coming, so I will keep it brief. The only reason this isn’t a sweep right now is because of Henrik Lundqvist. Really, a goalie playing exceptional goal, would have this series at 1-3 heading into Washington. A goalie playing like a “brick wall” would have it 2-2. I am simply unable to come up with an adequate comparison to Lundqvist for having this series at 3-1. What do you think? Godlike? Inhuman? Holy f***ing s**it like? I mean…I don’t even know what to say. Henrik made 2 saves in particular that just made me shake my head while I was watching it, because I can’t believe anyone could stop those plays. The first was the glove save that he made on Semin that has been playing on all the sports shows out there. The second though, was a lot subtler that I don’t think I have seen any replays of. It came off of a point shot from Green…Green took the blast through a sea of players, the puck came in, somehow, and wasn’t deflected, Henrik was looking to his left, and then picked up the puck…I’m thinking, 3-4 feet in front of him, labeled bottom corner, and he kicked out his leg with speed I haven’t ever seen before, and kicked it away like it was nothing. That play just had my jaw on the floor, I mean, if you play hockey, you know those kind of saves are probably the hardest, shots you don’t have any idea are coming till the last second. That takes concentration and athleticism that I can’t even fathom to stop.

What makes me laugh even more is that some fans actually had the audacity to question Henrik, and whether he was a big game goalie, or calling him overrated. It just annoys me to all hell the stupidity of some fans when they say things like that. Folks…this isn’t a burden we have been saddled with. This is nothing short of a legendary player in the making on our team through the prime years of his career. When people tell me they think Henrik Lundqvist is one of the top 5 goalies in the league, and act like it’s a compliment, all I can do is stare at them in disbelief that they think there are 4 other goalies in this league who even come close to this level of skill. I can see the argument for Luongo, but really, no other goalie, to me, comes close, not even uncle whiner over in joizee.

I predicted the Rangers would make it to the Eastern Conference Finals pretty publicly all over the place, but really I felt it was because of our team, not because Henrik would play like this. I expected Henrik to be amazing…but there is amazing, and then there is what we all witnessed tonight.


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